Ten minutes ago, I “Knew” what I was going to post here on dotnet. I even told Patti what I was going to Post as I got up to come over here to our Lenovo Ultrabook (circa September 2016).

How often have I said, “Even I, your very own Captain, doesn’t know for sure what is coming next here?”

Well NOT even The Shadow Knows what’s coming next.

Beginning with our two Posts on June the 3rd, I have started to “Go To Any Length” here on dotnet to NOT get into talking about Patti and me. I figure IF we are bored with all of this daily-life-stuff, surely you all are bored as well.

So after coming over here, and sitting down to write what I had “mentally planned to write” .. 


A Blast From Our Past occurred. It is totally, it is absolutely positively NOT what I sat down to write!

– – – – – – – –

Over on our blogspot website, I have published one thousand and forty two (1,042) Posts. Do you all realize, that IF I were to do one Blast From Our Blogspot Past each day, it would take 2 years, 10 months and 12 days before I finished!

So instead of publishing what I had planned, I jumped at random to June 14, 2016.

No! I don’t expect you to know what this is about.

Just scroll down and hopefully enjoy the photos.

It really, REALLY, is a beautiful building.

Our very own Patti, in mid-June of 2016.

Well The Time Has Come to let you all know what you have been looking at above.


In mid-June of 2016, Patti and I were visiting good friends in the greater Boston, Massachusetts, metro area. We “got to talking” about our travels and my friend said to me, “Cap, the World Headquarters of Trip Advisor” is a short drive. Would you like to go over and visit?

I wrote the above blospot Post JUN 14, 16, specifically for Gullible, the person who introduced me to Trip Advisior during our visit to Mongolia in 2015.

Smiling .. Cap and Patti and maybe Gullible too

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