Over the past eight full months (and continuing to count), during which time I have not missed one single solitary day of publishing a Post (IF I keep going, June 22nd will complete nine months in this string of Posts) I can’t count the times I said to myself, “Tonight I am tired. Tonight I would just like to go to bed early and not write and publish a Post.” BUT, I also have said to myself, “When this string of Posts ends, it will be because I simply am not able do a Post.  I will not voluntarily stop it myself.” And there are many reasons and circumstances beyond my control that could stop me. No WiFi, No Internet, No computer due to a malfunction in my device, I could simply be too ill to write a Post, etc ETC.

And YOU, those of YOU who have been contributing photos and other information of interest to us, along with those of YOU who have been verbally “Rooting Us On” with comments and texts and emails, all of YOU have kept things moving for us. Without YOU we could not have come this far without missing a day.

Once again, our Thanks to ALL of YOU for your support!

– – – – – – – –

Thursday, June the 15th, 2023

Because Patti’s niece Eryn and Jason (who took the below photos so he isn’t shown) invited Patti and me to visit them in their home in Girdwood, 40 miles South of Anchorage, this Post exists along with what will become several or more blogspot Posts.

Outstanding photo of us Jason. Thanks!

Then there is Gullible who is always counseling me, “Cap, just get OUT and take photos!”

In this Post you see ten (10) photos. I snapped ninety (90) today!


“Patti?” are you a little hungry? “How about we visit Chair 5?”

How can I NOT shoot photos along the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet driving to and returning from Girdwood? I can’t resist!

You will see many of the remaining photos over on blogspot.

Smiling? You Betcha!

Cap and Patti

Dad? Have you forgotten us Dad? /s/ Your Crane Visitors

No! I have not forgotten you! Cranes, Your “Day Is Coming” again.


Time For Bed!

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