JUN 27, 23 .. HIYA GREG

I met Greg on December the 27th, 1990, outside of the dining room of the YMCA Hotel on Jai Singh Road in New Delhi, India. The two of us were waiting for dinner. When the doors opened, we decided to sit together.

For now over 32 years, from that instant to this one, Greg and I have been best of friends.

I believe that Patti met Greg in 1995.

– – – – – – – –

Yesterday evening, Patti and I were just relaxing on our bed. I had just finished reading several magazine articles to her, when she said ..

“All day today, Greg has been on my mind.”

I said..

“Let’s call him right now!”

I got my smart phone and brought Greg up in my list of contacts.

“What!” I said to Patti, “I don’t have a photo of Greg in my list of contacts.” 

Patti DID NOT SAY, “Well you’ve only had a smart phone for going on four years Cap.” 

Taa-Daa! Patti to the rescue. “We have a photo of you two out in the kitchen.”

Out we went to our kitchen, took the photo down off the wall, and look what came of it! Greg, in my smart phones list of contacts, now has a photo attached to his contact information! We also added Greg’s picture in Patti’s phone contact information for Greg

I then sent the above two photos to Greg in Seattle. He howled.

Then I followed up sending him a photo of us together.

Greg, to the very best of my ability, I think the above photo was taken in the Autumn of 2004 when I was in India with Kathleen’s son Noah. I am “almost” positive you were there at the same time, only the second time we two were ever in India together. 

So Grego! Thanks for our several telephone visits last evening and for this Blast From Our Past.

Your Pard .. Cap

3 thoughts on “JUN 27, 23 .. HIYA GREG

  1. Ginny

    Taa-daa!! Wowie, Cap, look at ALL the neat things YOU can do on your phone 📱 a phone contact without a picture, well… is just a contact … but a picture and a contact = great friends! And great techy skill too !😊

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