Tuesday, the 4th of July 2023

To begin with, we enjoyed a very pleasant, late afternoon, breakfast at our local Denny’s Restaurant. Below is a link showing you our Post on blogspot.


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Then some very VERY special fun began.

First, we hope you all appreciate how very (as in VERY) special it is to have remained closely in touch with our friends in Mongolia and elsewhere “over there”.

The fun began today when we received the below photo from friends in Ulaanbaater, Mongolia. 

They were at the Ulaanbaatar airport welcoming friends who are arriving for the special event this upcoming weekend.

July 7th through the 9th, all of the members of  A.A. in Mongolia will enthusiastically celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the beginning of the A.A. Program of Recovery.

The program in Mongolia came South from Irkutsk, Russia. Yes we were invited, well in advance, several months ago, to attend but we did not feel it appropriate to be traveling “over there” with all of the other world shaking events going on. There will be some ZOOM coverage this weekend and we will see how that “plays out”.

I just published the below Post on blogspot. We hope some of you will share our joy and check it out. It’s short and to the point.


Needless to say, all of the contact, and there has been a lot, by text messages and also live video telephone calls that we have had today (via Whats App) has been extremely stimulating and very satisfying for the two of us!

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Wednesday, the 5th of July

We have a lot of medical “busy work” to attend to today. 

So far (I tried last Monday) there is absolutely no Lost and Found here in the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department so we really lucked out on the smart phone left at Sitka Street Park last Sunday afternoon. If you can believe this, I could not, the employee I spoke with said (she mistakenly thought that I had lost my smart phone) to check with the Anchorage Police Department. If you lose a smart phone in a park you are not going to think to call the police. Well, I wouldn’t have thought to do this.


Cap and Patti 

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