As I sit down here, all I know is how I am going to begin this Post. THAT I know.

Then where will I go? Does The Shadow Know? If so I’d appreciate it if he would tell me!


Does it, can it, actually help us to know that we are not alone as we all wander through our “Golden Years of Being Seniors”!

I know, I understand, we NEVER know but come on!

– – – – – – – –

Frostbite Frank, one of our VERY close friends is flying down to a prestigious medical center in Southern California to undergo a complicated, multi-hour (12 or more) surgery on his spine involving several highly skilled surgeons with space-age medical devices in their hands. As they operate on his spine, they can see what they are doing in three-dimensional views.

Get it? Got it? Good!

At 11pm, this past Tuesday Evening, July the 11th, our friend (literally moments before his ride to the airport was due at his home) did “one last small chore”.

To refresh you : Our friend is about to go to the airport to fly down from Anchorage, Alaska, to a prestigious medical center in Southern California to undergo a complicated, multi-hour surgery on his spine.

His words..

I was taking out the last little bag of trash after packing when a flock of Terns landed in the yard, so I opened the door carefully. I took the first of 2 little steps onto my porch, moving slowly so as not to scare off the 20 or so birds. I was so focused on them that I missed the second step. I flailed my way across the 12 foot wide porch, trying to regain my balance. I crashed into my work table and I think I separated my ribs, then I finally stopped my headlong free-fall with my forehead against the porch rail. All the vertebrae in my neck, mid-back, and lumbar sections went off like Gatling gunfire, and my right leg popped out of joint. Current status: my entire spine is sore, my ribs hurt, and my right hip is unstable. The cut on my forehead stopped bleeding after about 10 minutes. It is hardly noticeable if I pull my hat low over it. Wonder if I tore my hip labrum.

In the above condition, his ride to the airport arrived. He then flew (a red-eye) from Anchorage, AK to Portland, OR, survived a 1-1/2 hour layover in Portland and flew on to Southern California.

His surgery is this upcoming Monday the 17th of July!

– – – – – – – –

First thought Patti had was “He could have hit his head and died.” 

I don’t know what to think, nor where to go with this Post. This is too close to home for me to contemplate more deeply.

Shadow? Where are you when I need you?

– – – – – – – –

So I dashed off into my photo gallery.

The San Francisco 49ers vs the New Orleans Saints at The Superdome on November the 25th of 2012. Patti and I were THERE!

Final Score: San Francisco 31 – 21 New Orleans.

A-h-h, New Orleans.

Yep! Forgive me but this is it for this Post!

Cap and Patti

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