In Gullible’s Post dated Friday, August 11th, 2023, In Honor of World Elephant Day, she re-published a post from a 2018 trip to South Africa and Kirkman’s Camp, which is located just outside the borders of Kruger National Park.

To save you from first going to her Friday Post, and then finding a link there to continue onward to a Post dated Monday, August 6th 2018, the below link will take you directly there.

It is the incident at the end of the story that Gullible wanted to highlight. A tale she said that she will never forget.

For, I think the very first time ever, I was able to assist Gullible with correcting a link in her original Post of last Friday.

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Three photos sent to us from our friend and Ally Tim McBride as he heads across Canada en route home to Michigan.

Below is a photo of a Caribou that Tim encountered on the Alaska Highway. Tim said it walked right out in front of his truck and he slowed down to let him walk off to the side of the road. Tim drove away and decided to turn around and go back. The Caribou proceeded to walk up the side of the road. It was 6:30am in the early morning with little traffic. Tim approached it carefully and slowly and said the Caribou was just fine being photographed. He said 7 or so other vehicles proceeded past and the Caribou just didn’t care.

Thanks so very much Tim!

Over and Out for now!

Cap and Patti

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