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Here is another Gift From The Universe courtesy of today’s Guest Contributor, Michael from Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

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Back (it seems like WAY BACK) from late June into mid July 2005, Michael, Patti and I took a very memorable road trip from my home town, Royal Oak (Detroit), Michigan, over to Toronto and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and back home to Detroit.

This past Tuesday, Michael sent me an email with this title : Worth sharing with your audience?

On our above trip, Michael, Patti and I had been in Toronto, Ontario, Friday – Sunday, July 1 -3 then headed to Niagara Falls.

Going and returning we passed through Windsor, Ontario. It so happened that we had a great senior lady friend living in Windsor named Danny Pepper. Danny has long ago passed on to her next spiritual adventure. On the way home, I said to Michael, “We MUST eat at Bubi’s Awesome Eats in Windsor”. Dating back some years before, Danny had introduced Patti and me to Bubi’s.

In his email, Michael included six photographs that he had taken somewhere around the 7th of July 2005, when we four (Danny Pepper, Michael, Patti and I) ate at Bubi’s Awesome Eats, 620 University Avenue W, Windsor.

First, a photo taken in front of Danny’s home by Patti showing me, Danny Pepper, and our Guest Contributor, Michael 86403.

Michael snapped the below photo.

Now we are inside of Bubi’s. 

Danny passed on some years ago. Danny, everyone we know, who knew you, certainly misses you. 

Below, front and center, is a monster, two (2) pound hamburger that Bubi’s used to serve. 

Their present menu no longer has this gigantic burger.

Thanks so very, VERY, MUCH Michael for snapping these long ago photos and then for sharing them with all of us. We will never forget this trip back in July of 2005.

Cap and Patti and, In Memory, Danny Pepper

4 thoughts on “AUG 18, 23 .. EARLY JULY 2005 .. BUBI’S AWESOME EATS .. WINDSOR, ONTARIO

  1. Michael

    It’s amazing how sights, sounds, smells and pictures can key the memory banks and actually levitate my mind and body back to these very moments! What a joyous week spent with kindred spirits that I have embraced as ‘family!’ Cap, we even stopped in London at your mother’s memorial and you showed me, taught me how to pray, meditate and talk to our departed family members.
    Danny was a true fire-brand, dynamic, fun and exciting woman. I remember looking into her beautiful blue eyes and they danced and sparkled with the joys of life. And she gifted me a book of her poetry, which I cherish! And Cap! That hamburger!! You set me up for a few days on ‘The Hamburger’ I was going to eat! And at lunch, when it was delivered I almost fell out of my chair! No way, how was I ever going to eat a ginormous burger like that by myself! And I asked you, Cap for help in which you helped me to devour this baby! Though, that negated the free burger which Bubi’s would ‘comp’ if the patron could eat the WHOLE thing!
    And most memorable of all, upon our departure from Toronto the morning of our July 4th, Independence Day, you turned to Patti and me and said: ‘I know neither of you have seen Niagra Falls so we’re driving there!’ Arriving there we were in absolute astonishment and dumbstruck by the more than overflow crowd of at least 1/2million tourists. We had to resort to a Chinese fire drill approach so that we could alternately have precious ample time to tour the falls on the Canadian side. What a spiritual journey it twas! I am still reminiscing that journey, Cap. So many memories…..for a lifetime!
    We Are Truly Blessed!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael, thank YOU Michael so very VERY MUCH for sending us the photos and inspiring us to do the Post! YOU brought back to Patti and me some tender and very cherished memories. You, even way back then, were into digital photos. My film photos are long ago gone. Yes indeed, it was a trip of a lifetime for we three Amigos Michael. Cap and Patti

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