I took ninety one (91) photos yesterday (Monday). Far too many to begin posting them in any great quantity as I am borderline exhausted. 

Monday evening (11:33pm to be precise) November the 13th.

For the past week, both Patti and I have been obsessed with concern that the current siege of record setting snow in Alaska would affect our airline flight (today) from Anchorage to Seattle to Las Vegas.

When I got up very early this morning, somewhere in the vicinity of 9 inches of fresh snow lay on the ground.

Our taxi was scheduled to pick us up nice and early at 8:15am for our flight departing at 11:10am.

BINGO. Yellow Cab did it again, as it has always done for us, our cab was 5 minutes early.

The lady driver assisted me loading our four large suitcases along with three carry on pieces. We had a safe and sound and sane ride by a driver with 31 years of experience.  

With the weather wreaking havoc with airline flights, this poor chap “needed to rest”.

We flew through check-in and security. The secret? Be there over two hours early.

The weather “looked none too promising”.


Very nice surprise! Both Patti and I each had a row of seats to ourselves.

We pushed away from our boarding platform on time and then we had the most intense and thorough deicing of an aircraft that I have ever witnessed.

Luckily I snapped the below photo when I saw this “odd looking” piece of equipment come up beside our aircraft. 

A deicer! And my window clouded up!

Odd effect! Because the deicing took so long, it delayed our arrival into Seattle. When we deplaned (got off the plane) we came into a waiting area at the head of the exit corridor. THAT was our boarding area for the Seattle to Las Vegas flight.

Our friend Ginny is so High Tech. Ginny “closely followed us” with her Flightview flight tracker.

A flight overview.

In the next photo, our flight has left Anchorage.

Below we are about mid-way to Seattle.

Voila! We are IN Seattle!

Too much fun Ginny!

The below scene looked absolutely and positively wonderful to us! Safely in Seattle with Las Vegas coming up!

We had barely settled at our gate when (maybe 10 minutes) we re-boarded our plane and off we went to Las Vegas!

Detroit Tiger Tom met us at the Las Vegas Airport and drove us here to Laughlin and “our” Edgewater Casino Hotel.


Time for bed.  

Cap and Patti

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6 thoughts on “NOV 14, 23 (1/2).. WE ARE SAFE AND SOUND IN LAUGHLIN, NEVADA

  1. Kathleen

    Hallelujah! Given all the snow and the de-icing delay, I think it is a bit of a miracle that everything went so smoothly. I think your Higher Power was looking out for you. Having flown into and out of blizzard country (ND, MN, CO) many times in my younger years, endured de-icing and a frozen plane battery (early morning flight out of North Dakota), not to mention the brutal winds in ND, it always felt like a miracle that everything went smoothly. Enjoy the warm weather and lack of snow and ICE. The dreaded icy stairs, sidewalks, and parking lots (especially when hidden under a thin layer of snow) have caused me much stress and more than a few bruises.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hallelujah says it all Kathleen! This was far and away the longest and most complicated de-icing procedure I have ever experienced. A WOWIE! It is not so much the temperature (BUT it IS nice to be warmer) as the “challenges” that come with snow like we just experienced as well as the severe risks ice brings. We were pretty much in-touch with you Kathleen as we flew down here Monday. Smiling. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      As to the hassles of delays, cancellations, etc, it was “nip and tuck” right up until we experienced “lift off”. We are resting, but we do not even vaguely feel “rested”. The sunshine and dry conditions are wonderful. Cap and Patti

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