I know. We are NOT saying much about our “doings”. 

Below is one “sample”.

Wednesday evening November 15th 2023

Last week, before we flew down this past Monday, our GMC Suburban had to be towed to a repair shop over in Bullhead City, Arizona, with fuel injection (we now know) problems. It was supposed to be ready to go last Monday. Then no, Tuesday. Then “maybe”, “just maybe” Wednesday late afternoon. It is now, this instant, Wednesday late evening. No GMC Suburban. 

What to do? We MUST get it tomorrow (Thursday the 16th)  or else we will be forced to stay over the weekend here at The Edgewater. It would be totally, 100% impossible to get it Friday morning and check out by 12 noon. 

So this afternoon I confirmed with The Edgewater staff at the front desk we (1) can stay Friday and Saturday nights (2) IN our room (3) at an elevated weekend rate. So I “booked it’ with the agreement that we will be able to leave Friday IF we get him today (Thursday the 16th). The Edgewater is a great hotel to do business with!

Not to mention, both Patti and I really are struggling with fatigue (but still on our feet) from getting here last Monday.

– – – – – – – –

For Gullilble .. Below are photos of perhaps the greatest Subway Footlong (Teriyaki Chicken) Sandwiches we have ever eaten. We got them at the local Laughlin, Nevada, Subway across from The Edgewater.

Two, 12-inch Footlong Teriyaki Chicken sandwiches.

I enjoyed three of the 6-inch sections and Patti enjoyed the 4th section.

Have I died and gone to Heaven?

– – – – – – – –

The United States Department of the Navy is one of the three military departments within the Department of Defense of the United States of America.

The Department of the Navy is comprised of two uniformed services: the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps, two separate military services.

The Marine Corps is the land arm of the Navy.

Any member of the Marine Corps realizes the importance of the Naval Medical Corpsmen, of Naval Hospitals, and the U.S. Navy Construction Battalions who were on the beaches blowing up beach obstacles prior to the Marine Corps landing from Naval Ships.

I was proud to have served as an enlisted member of the Marine Corps for 6 – 1/2 years (active and reserve). I then became a commissioned officer (Ensign O-1) in the “CBs” working my way up to Lieutenant O-3.

This evening, while walking through The Edgewater Casino, I spotted another senior citizen wearing a Navy Seabee Hat. So I stopped him and we two “clicked and bonded” and we two visited.

Sir! I Salute You for Your Service!

His hand was “gently shaking” so the below photo is slightly blurred.

I am so honored to have served in our military services.

– – – – – – – –

This afternoon, Patti and Ginny had a great one on one visit in our room.  Tom and I went to a meeting together.

Tom and I went to a meeting together.

Great friends. 

– – – – – – – –

Last, but certainly NOT least, Gullible has published Chapter 11 of her 2023 Brazil Journals. To see her most recent Post, please click onto the below link.

The below Capuchin Monkey is trying to drink someone’s Fanta drink with the lid still attached!

And! How about YOU beautiful Toco Toucan.

Smiles Gullible.

– – – – – – – –

Beginning with yours truly, one never knows what is coming when I sit down here at our Lenovo Laptop.

Cap and Patti

Oh By The Way. We put $175 into Shamrock our favorite slot machine here at The Edgewater.

Shamrock paid us back $108!! So our cost for some fun time (we two really enjoy playing with Shamrock) was $67. This is well below my $100 top limit per visit here at The Edgewater. 

As the result of our playing Shamrock, we earned 700 True Rewards points. True Reward Points earn us actual discounts on rooms here at The Edgewater.

Bottom line. We are very happy and comfortable with our playing Shamrock!


  1. Gullible

    Once again, thanks for the plug. As you might suspect, blogs are a dying art form because people simply don’t want to read a long involved post. Too much time, they think.

    Right now I have five posts ready to be published and several that just need photos uploaded. I have decided to post only two a week in the hope that by having several days in between them it will give more readers a chance to do more than glance at the photos.

    I have thought many times of just giving up on my blog. It takes a lot of time to put a post together and I suspect I have little readership (because of the above). I suspect Twitter with its 140 word count got people used to short and sweet.

    But, I have stories to tell and photos to post about the wonderful wildlife we share this planet with and by doing so, perhaps doing my own small part in preserving them and their habitats.

    And besides, my words need a place to feel at home.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Sigh. I just lost a fair amount of a rather long reply to your comment Gullible. Your final words in your comment speak volumes! And besides, my words need a place to feel at home. On your website, at the very bottom, by count, 921,192 people have accessed your Gullibles Travels. Not to mention the great detailed World Wide readership you have (I took a photo of it and will put it into todays Post). When I too hit a bottom and wonder if it is all worth it, I fall back on this : IF I am helping, and giving some support to just a few people, and I do feel I am, it is all worth it. Just look at how few people seriously read books anymore. How do book stores stay in business? What you are saying is .. The times they ARE changing. I hope you will NOT give up the ship. Patti and I so enjoy your Posts. YOU Gullible set me up with my Blogspot (several) websites. It may be good thinking to space your chapters out a tad as you mention in your comment. But we look each and every day. Sigh Us Your Kindred Spirits .. Cap and Patti

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