Last night I was Oh So Very Close to “Packing Dotnet Up”. Then I received several very kind comments from Ginny and Michael that instantly made this “All Worthwhile”.

If any of you think that living through a mental breakdown that is coupled up with long covid fatigue and further depression is easy, please try it yourself sometime.

I’ll leave THAT here for now.

Then I continue!! Go Figure!! 

God’s answer is.. “Only by experiencing this can I assist others who themselves are struggling!” 

I am thinking.. “Thanks God!!”

– – – – – – – –

Thanks so very much Michael for yet another one of your amazing comments.

I replied as follows ..

Thanks (as in THANKS!!) so very much for your comment Michael. We have been advised that we need to be down there about 12 noon if we want to get a place to witness or view the Christmas Boat Parade up Bridgewater Channel this upcoming Saturday night at 7pm. Sounds daunting to us at this moment. Thanks also for all of your kind words as well. Further words “Fail Me” Michael. Your Ally .. Cap

– – – – – – – –

Ginny commented..

Christmas concert, what a wonderful way to kick off the season… Hope wonder woman is good to you today 🎰

I replied..

Ginny. Thanks so very much for your ongoing interest and support. What a pair of Slot Machines to “Draw To”! Shamrock at the Edgewater in Laughlin and Wonder Woman at the Havasu Landing Casino in (I guess it’s) Needles, California, as opposed to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. More Smiles .. Cap

Here is your answer Ginny.

In comments I don’t have the ability to post photos.

Below is Shamrock..

Below is Wonder Woman.

Monday, December the 4th 2023.

Patti, Eddie our neighbor, and I headed off for the Havasu Landing Casino on the 2pm Ferry Boat from Lake Havasu City.

Eddie has his “Favorite” Slot Machine (Rocky Balboa) and immediately, on Rocky’s right is (Taa Daa) Wonder Woman!

On the way over (either while still in Lake Havasu City, or on the boat, or after we arrived at Havasu Landing) I “struck up a very pleasant conversation” with another white haired, VERY PLEASANT senior citizen, who was wearing a Harley Davidson logo jacket. I shared with him about my blowing out a rear tire on my motorcycle, doing 80 miles per hour, in 4 lane, bumper to bumper traffic on Interstate 80 in Davis, California, IN THE RAIN and the pucker marks on my motorcycle seat!

A very nice, EXTREMELY nice, man!


When Patti and Eddie and I arrived at the two slot machines known as Rocky Balboa and Wonder Woman, DAMN! Some (expletive deleted) son of a female dog or worse was, sitting..

At Eddie’s very own, personal, Rocky Balboa slot machine. I thought how dare this (expletive deleted) son of a female dog or worse guy do this to us!

So far, Patti and I have never visited Shamrock and found some (expletive deleted) son of a female dog or worse sitting at “Our” Shamrock slot machine!

Undaunted Eddie walked off to find another of his “Favorite” slot machines.

Undaunted!! I pulled up a slot machine chair for Patti (these things are heavy and hard to move around) and I squeezed up in front of Wonder Woman, inserted my Havasu Landing “Players Club Card”..

Then I inserted what was to become the first of six, five ($5) dollar bills, into Wonder Woman, and we began our visit together, Patti, Cap and Wonder Woman.

Up above I wrote .. God’s answer is.. Only by experiencing this can I assist others! 

Only by my playing Slot Machines for the past several years, can I fully understand and appreciate how much fun Slot Machines can be and why so many others play them!!

OK Ginny! Patti and I played thirty ($30) dollars at 50¢ a spin or sixty (60) spins.

We “won” Seventeen Dollars ($17.71) and Seventy One Cents.

So the cost of a very enjoyable visit was Twelve Dollars ($12.29) and Twenty Nine Cents.

– – – – – – – –


Yes indeed you all guessed it.

The VERY PLEASANT white haired senior citizen, who was wearing a Harley Davidson logo jacket that I met before we got to the Casino..

Was also.. The one and the same (expletive deleted) son of a female dog or worse who was sitting at Eddie’s favorite slot machine!

We hooted, and we hollered, and we laughed and we visited up a storm, and we three had a great time as he played Eddie’s Rocky Balboa and Patti and I played Wonder Woman!

Shows To Go Ya!

– – – – – – – –

Obviously it’s not yet time to “Throw In The Towel” here on dotnet.

Cap and Patti

Last night I was totally spent, exhausted, and I was out of gas, so I went to bed early. I got up this morning at 4:31am and put this together. It’s 7:33am now. Believe it!! These posts “take time” to put together!

Now scroll down to Part 2 below if you haven’t already read Chapter 17 of Gullibles 2023 Brazil Journals.

6 thoughts on “DEC 5, 23 (1/2) .. GO FIGURE.. SLOT MACHINES AND MORE

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Depression speaking Gullible. To “Pack dotnet Up” means to stop posting on dotnet. Pure and simple depression talking. YOU Gullible have had your own “moments” with your website. Tired, frustrated by a lack of comments, etc. Yet here we are, moving forward. Still Standing Still Smiling .. Cap

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          I had a 90 minute, intense interview / appointment with a absolutely outstanding Psychiatric staffer at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Anchorage a few months ago. Patti was with me. Bottom Line : He DID NOT THINK psychiatric medication was an answer and absolutely advised against it Gullible. Thanks for your interest. By the way, he agreed with me that post traumatic stress syndrome goes well past only military experiences. Again thanks for your interest. Cap

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