Monday the 18th of December 2023

Patti and I, along with tens of thousands of Seattle Seahawks football fans, loved tonight’s game between our Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles!

What’s not to love?

You watch one hundred games to get to see this game!

With time running out at the end of the 4th Quarter, trailing 13 – 17, 92 yards from the Eagles goal line, down the field marched the Seahawks. With only 28 seconds remaining on the clock, Seattle backup quarterback Drew Lock completed a touchdown pass to wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the end zone to make it Seattle 20 – 17 Philadelphia. Then to ice the game, safety Julian Love intercepted a Philadelphia pass as the Eagles were driving for a game tying field goal and that was that!

A photo of the winning touchdown.

Scott Van Pelt on ESPN.

Go Figure huh Scott!


– – – – – – – –

There must be something else BUT drat if I can think of it.


Cap and Patti


I have been going over to the Havasu Landing Casino each and every single Monday with our neighbor Eddie.

We begin sitting side by side and play a pair of slot machines.

After awhile Eddie will get a “feeling about Rocky”. If it isn’t positive, Eddie will go to other slot machines.

I stay 100% with Rocky Balboa and Wonder Woman.

Below Eddie is playing Rocky Balboa.

“My” slot machine is Wonder Woman.

Below is a photo of Rocky and Wonder Woman.

When I say Rocky and Wonder Woman are “Side By Side”..

I MEAN they are “Side By Side”!

You usually return home with less money than you put into the slots.

But once in awhile..

You come home a tad richer.

I play one $5 bill four times. So the below four CASHOUT VOUCHERS represent $20 of play.

$20 in and $23.92 out.

Well !!

I was so pleased with the above first “Go Around” that I again played one $5 bill four times.

$20 in and $13.61 out!


Eddie and I leave for the Havasu Landing Casino at 1pm. We catch a 2pm boat across Lake Havasu. We catch a 3:30pm boat back and get home right around 4pm.

My cost today for three hours of visiting and “hanging out” with Eddie, enjoying a nice ferry boat ride and playing the slots, was two dollars and forty seven cents ($40 minus $23.92 minus $13.61). 

Sucha Deal You Wouldn’t Believe!

Captain! Once again it’s after 1am in the early morning. This really is NOT good.

2 thoughts on “DEC 19, 23 .. A LOOK AT MONDAY THE 18th.. FOOTBALL and SLOT MACHINES

  1. Michael

    Hmm, exciting NFL football, ferry rides and penny one-armed bandits! Sounds like you’re living ‘da good life’, dear Cap! I’m so elated you and Patti are jumping right into all that Lake Havasu City has to offer! Lot’s of friendship, fellowship, a great, thoughtful libraries, numerous markets all withing walking distance (if we choose) and forever fuel points! Oh, and let’s not forget your volunteer forays…thank you very much! Me thinks you are just scratching the surface! lol

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      ALL of it thanks 100% to YOU Michael. It was YOU who opened up the door to Lake Havasu City for us to walk through. What a gift Michael. Thank You Again and Again and Again. Cap and Patti

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