For What It’s Worth

VW Buses By The Bridge Show

In yesterday’s Post, we talked about the annual VW Buses By The Bridge Show this weekend in Lake Havasu City.

Yesterday, in the very late afternoon, Patti and I visited the site of the VW Buses By The Bridge Show. Admission for the four day show is $5 per individual. 

Yes Indeed! The 27th Annual VW Buses By The Bridge Show has begun.

I would say that at least 95% of the VW Buses are driven to the Show. However, as you can see in the below photo, a few arrive on trailers.

The sun sets on the show.

It was 58°F. Not cold but cool enough that a small campfire was in order.

Today, Friday the 12th, I plan to again visit the VW Bus Show.

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For What It’s Worth


So good to see you back with Chapter 25 of your 2023 Brazil Journals. Below is a link to Gulllible’s newest Post.


Patti and I enjoyed her photos of Giant Brazilian River Otters.

If you have been following Gullible, you are aware of her November 2023 trip to Brazil. In some of her recent Posts on her website, Gullible has shown and commented on Jaguars in Brazil.

Well! Here in Arizona, a local Jaguar has been spotted and is becoming somewhat of a low key news story.

Yes you have previously seen the above photos. Below is a recent update about our Arizona Jaguar.


Only the 8th documented Jaguar sighting since 1996!

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For What It’s Worth.

Frostbite Frank.

Frank texted me yesterday, Thursday the 11th of January, to tell us that he is safely in Rome, Italy, and he is resting from a very busy past week. 

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Cap and Patti

I sign off thinking there must be more but I can not think of more.

Got It! I Got It!

For What It’s Worth

Here IS.. The Rest of This Post!

Some more fun wildlife photos courtesy of .. Taa Daa .. Forbes Magazine. 

I must say that I love rodents. And Yes I checked!

Squirrels are rodents as they have the defining characteristic of a rodent: the set of incisors in both the upper and lower jaw that never stop growing. This particular feature places the squirrel family in the Rodentia order of mammals.

YOU I love!

You are also cute! And very believable.

I can, more or less, believe the below photo BUT .. knowing just a tad about Polar Bears, the bear must have been full of food and the photographer must have had a 1,000 mm lens and snapped the photo from afar! BUT it looks like the 1,000 mm lens is what the bear is looking at. Polar Bears will track mankind seeing us as a food source! They are not cuddly buddies with humans.

Too Cute. Too funny.

Mom! Hey Mom. Where are you going Mom. Wait for me Mom! 

Gullible do you think that the cub was pasted (photoshopped) to the rear end of the bear?

How is this for a perch!

Now! We will call this Post “A Wrap”


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