I began writing this Post during the afternoon of Thursday, April the 18th in the customer lounge at one of my automotive repair shops.

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Because many, maybe most of you, are just not able to check our website daily..


I discussed Haiku Poetry in yesterdays Post. Below is a link to it.. 


Below is Kits latest Haiku Poem.

The trees are budding
Soon they’ll pop with bright green leaves
Spring has sprung here now

These rules apply to writing Haiku:

There are no more than 17 syllables.
Haiku is composed of only 3 lines.
Typically, every first line of Haiku has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third has 5 syllables.

Taa-Daa.. Patti has already said that I passed.

Now, Kit in South Dakota and Gullible in Alaska, do I have your blessings?

Taa-Daa ..

My Haiku Poem..

  • Hello Baba Kaps..
  • Option 1 : Baba Kaps you’re such a clown..
  • Option 2 : Baba Kaps this is so silly..
  • Option 3 : Baba you are catching on..
  • Option 4 : Baba Kaps you have got it..
  • Goodbye Baba Kaps..

Haiku Here.. Haiku There.. Haiku Everywhere..

Below, I paraphrase Shel Silverstein and his poem, The Search For The Perfect High..

“Well, that is that for my Haiku Poetry” says Baba Kaps “Sitting back down on my stone”
Facing another hundred years of talking to God alone!”

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Do I “Play Catchup” or do I just skip the fact that I did not publish a Holiday on April 18th in yesterdays NATIONAL WHAT DAY IS TODAY?

I will now look at April 18th and today April 19th.. 

As is always the case, some are excellent, outstanding and very VERY serious. I can’t possibly show them all. So I pick a few that I like and are fun.

April 18th has twenty one (21) Holidays.

NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY.. Each year on the third Thursday in April, we observe National High Five Day. This is a fun day where you can “High Five” everyone that you see.

Folklore fills the hallowed halls of sports stadiums concerning the origins of the high five. From the basketball to the volleyball court and baseball stadium, the sports metaphor has been well worn on this topic.

The two most well-known claims take place in less than a two-year time span.

During the last 1977 regular season Dodgers’ game, Dusty Baker hit the home run that made the team the first in history to have four players with at least 30 regular-season home runs each. As Baker rounded third and headed home, Glenn Burke waited at home plate to congratulate him. In a moment that is Dodgers history but was never televised, Burke greeted his teammate by raising his hand, and they slapped hands in a victorious high five.

During basketball’s 1978-79 season, the University of Louisville basketball team switched up their regular low-fives on the home court thanks to Wiley Brown and Derek Smith.

April 19th has eighteen (18) Holidays.


Humorous Day is celebrated on April 19 and is a day dedicated to finding humor in whatever situation comes our way, no matter how difficult. It is a day that encourages us to look on the bright side of life. It is a reminder that we can have a good time with humor and laughter, which is said to be the best medicine. Read on to find out more about this fascinating and fun holiday right here at National Today! The origins of this holiday are largely unknown but it has been attributed to The Carmel Institute of Humor’s director Larry Wilde, who first declared April to be Humor Month in 1976. Mental Health.

Humor has many benefits and plays an important role in our overall health. It allows people to breathe in more fresh air and stimulates the functioning of their lungs and respiratory system. When you laugh hysterically, you are releasing physical tension from the muscles in your body. Laughter has also been shown to improve heart health by boosting the heart rate while simultaneously lowering blood pressure. Natural ‘painkillers’ are produced by your body when you laugh.

The immune system is strengthened as a result of extensive laughter, making you more immune to diseases in general. By giggling, you are raising the number of antibody-producing cells in your body and increasing the efficacy of your T cells. Humor provides comfort and relief from physical pain, as well as assists in the reduction of stress. From a social standpoint, aside from bringing people together, humor has also been shown to improve conversation quality and help people manage emotions like worry and fear, and come to terms with grief.

Want MANY more? Click onto the below link.


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Yo Gullible?  Yo Michael? Yo Ginny? Yo World?

Does this ever happen to you : You are writing a Post or working on a complex project on your computer. You have several (maybe four or five) “windows” open. You forget where you are and accidently “close” ALL of the open windows INCLUDING the window that has your project! 

The answer is : Keep saving, saving, saving your priority window. Blogspot is wonderful because blogspot compulsively saves a working document every few seconds. 

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I began this Post while in the customer lounge at one of my automotive repair shops. For two (2) full hours all was well, all was swell. Then IT happened. I lost my Wi Fi connection. Yes my laptop showed I had five bars. I did re-starts. I did all I know to do. I spoke to the staff and they said, “We have Wi Fi see?” and they did. My mobile smart phones were connected. But not my laptop.

What to do? 

I decided I would go to our local library when our truck was serviced and see if I could get Wi Fi there on my laptop, and then, if not, use the library desk tops to complete our post. If successful in completing it at the library, I would ask my webmaster Andrej to publish it from his computer after midnight Eastern time so that the post would show the proper date of April 19th. 

I called Patti and told her the situation. When our truck was released, I first came home to test it here. Then I got to visiting with Patti, totally lost track of the time, and suddenly realized the library was now closed.

I told Patti, “I can always go over to Michael’s home and use his computer setup.”

Then I tried to sign in on our apartment Wi Fi and VOILA! Success! 

Why even mention this :

Because The Streak of consecutive days publishing a Post is still alive and only because, for the last five hundred and seventy six (576) days, I have been LUCKY ENOUGH to avoid computer and other Wi Fi issues such as today, not to mention my personal health issues that could have “laid me low” and unable to publish a Post.

And LUCKY ENOUGH to have all of you supporting us with your contributions, comments, photos, and interest.

– – – – – – – –

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “APR 19, 24 .. MY FIRST.. MY LAST.. HAIKU POEM.. NATIONAL TODAY..

  1. Gullible

    Okay, you pass, but you can do better!

    Did you know there’s a non- profit charitable group called BabaCap Foundation International?

  2. Gullible

    There he goes again
    Walking the streets of his mind
    Only The Shadow knows.

    Okay, these are for fun. Haikus are meant to describe beauty and things in nature, much like Japanese paintings.

    1. Cap Chastain

      Smiling but no more Haiku Poems for me unless one really comes to my mind Gullible.

      Once upon a time..
      Baba Kaps said to himself..
      This is not for me..

      That is that for me..
      Now I will try to be still..
      No more haiku rhymes..

      Over and out I say..
      Yes I sure want it this way..
      Baba Kaps is done.

      Cap ..

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