Are all of you sitting down?

There are (count them)..

Forty one (41) special days on April the 23rd.

The most I have ever seen!


Don’t believe me? Check them out by clicking onto the above link.

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With Love To Patti from Cap.

Our Day My Dearest Patti.


We get another shot at love on National Lover’s Day, which falls on April 23. There are many days in the year dedicated to expressing love. One of the major ones is Valentine’s Day, but if you missed it, you have the chance to make up for it on Lover’s Day — a day dedicated to celebrating your love for your significant other. This day is said to have originated from Saint George’s Day, which falls on the same day and is celebrated across Europe.

National Lover’s Day is proof that there is no such thing as too much love. This holiday falls after the more popular Valentine’s Day, and comes just before Global Love Day, celebrated on May 1, it presents another opportunity to spoil your lover or betrothed with gifts of appreciation.

Although there isn’t a definitive origin of the day and no detailed history of it, some say it came about as a result of Saint George’s Day, which is observed on the same day — April 23. Saint George’s Day is celebrated in Europe by taking the time to honor both love and literature. 

Oh My! Another Special Holiday! Just for Patti and



World Book Day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on April 23, 1995. This date is chosen because it is the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and prominent Spanish chronicler Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

Reading is a stellar form of entertainment and it requires that you use your imagination rather than simply watching visuals on a screen. There is also something so therapeutic about the actual feel of a book, with its scent of printed pages and glossy covers. Books are a valuable aspect of society but this wasn’t always the case.

When vocabulary and writing were developed thousands of years ago, clay tablets were used. This evolved into parchment and papyrus. The first form of a book was achieved by the Chinese in the 3rd century, although their books consisted of thick pages, made out of bamboo, that were stitched together. By the mid-15th century, the printing press revolutionized books to become what they are today and made them readily accessible for everyone. Thanks to this ingenious invention we are able to enjoy the prose and poetry of countless authors and poets — from Shakespeare and Tolstoy to George R.R. Martin.

Prior to this, there were several ideas on when World Book Day should be celebrated. Originally, Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andrés suggested that the day should be on a day that honored the author Miguel de Cervantes. This meant that it could either be on his birthday, on October 7, or the day he died, on April 23. Because the day he died coincided with the date on which William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega had also died, this date was chosen. Surprisingly, there are several other famous authors who have also died on April 23, like William Wordsworth and David Halberstam.

Around the world, there are many other dates on which World Book Day takes place. The UK, Sweden, and Ireland all celebrate World Book Day on different dates.

Why Not?

Take A Chance!


It’s not clear who pioneered making today National Take a Chance Day but we can all appreciate their willingness to take a chance with their holiday idea. It seems to have caught on!

There is no better day than today, National Take a Chance Day on April 23, to stick your neck out and go for it! You’ve heard it said — “the biggest risk is not taking one.” Still, taking chances just doesn’t come naturally for many of us. If you fall in the category of risk-averse, today you may find some inspiration to finally take that leap and go for the dreams you’ve been hesitant to pursue. Read on for some ideas on how to take that first step in taking a chance.

Every single one of us has grappled with taking a chance on something. Be it starting that new business, asking someone to prom, or simply zip-lining off the platform. We face situations daily that could technically fall into the ‘taking a chance’ category. So why not be prepared for it?

Today is an excellent day to understand why we sometimes get in our own way of pursuing our dreams and reaching our full potential. More often than not, the likelihood of failure is not as great as we anticipate it to be. Realizing this and putting failure in the right perspective is the best start to overcoming the fear of taking a chance.

Dr. John C. Maxwell wrote, “Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn”. The premise of his book is that our greatest lessons come from our greatest losses. You don’t experience loss if you are constantly playing it safe.

So take a few chances in life! Let’s get started today!

I will NOT spoof this Holiday by showing photos of my favorite Slot Machines! 

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The other day I asked you..

Yo Gullible?  Yo Michael? Yo Ginny? Yo World?

Does this ever happen to you : You are writing a Post or working on a complex project on your computer. You have several (maybe four or five) “windows” open. You forget where you are and accidently “close” ALL of the open windows INCLUDING the window that has your project! 

The answer is : Keep saving, saving, saving your priority window. Blogspot is wonderful because blogspot compulsively saves a working document every few seconds. 

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Cap and Patti

Macular Eye Degeneration.

Yesterday morning, I received the second of a series of eye injections to assist with the wet macular degeneration in my left eye. 

I don’t know who will read this, but I want to share my actual experience with medical eye procedures just in case one of you encounters these medical challenges in your life.

In 1999, I was told that I needed cataract surgery. I absolutely could not grasp, eye surgery. Operating on my eyes? Are you kidding me? In 2013 “my time ran out”. I could NOT pass the Alaska Driver’s License Eye Exam. I was at a fork in the road of life. Either I would never again drive another motor vehicle for the rest of my life or I had cataract surgery. After fourteen (14) years of fear and dread, on August 1, 2013, and again on August 8, 2013, I had cataract surgery with lens replacements in my eyes. During the actual eye surgeries, I was visiting with my surgeon about his recent trips to Hong Kong and China and, all the while, I was enjoying the amazing “light show” you see during the surgery.

Cataract Surgery and eye lens replacement was “no sweat, nothing to worry or fear”.

Now I am facing macular eye degeneration.

Patti and I have one special friend, an upstairs neighbor, who has been having periodical routine eye injections for macular degeneration for five (5) years. Over those years I have often ought to myself, “Oh My, Oh My, how does she endure these eye injections?”

Well Sport Fans now I know. First your eye is anesthetized with several eye drops. Eye drops are nothing to fear or dread. Then after a few minutes you receive a second anesthetization via a needle.

Yes, one at a time,  several needles are inserted into your eye BUT they do not come straight at your eye. They are inserted way down at the side of your eye so you don’t “see it” coming. You feel a “pressure” but just a little “mental discomfort”. Now your eye is anesthetized and “numb”. THEN comes the real injection of medicine into your eye to assist your vision. 

No! I am not eagerly looking forward to this process, once every six weeks, but I certainly seem to be able to “tolerate it quite well”.

It certainly is nothing to be overly fearful about.

Over and Out. Cap

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