For a change, I am writing a Post ON the day the Post is dated. 

Here in Anchorage, Alaska, real time is 1:29am, Saturday morning, the 4th of March.

So what Captain? Who cares?

– – – – – – – –

Few words adequately describe yesterday. Let’s just say it turned out to be (a-h-h-h) a most challenging day in some respects.

It sure didn’t start that way.

Patti and I were up, and packed out of the Edgewater Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, as Tom rolled up to pick us up. We then took Black Beauty (our black Suburban)  to Tom and Ginny’s where he will spend the summer. Then we headed for Las Vegas and our flight North to Seattle. Stopped in Searchlight, Nevada, on our way for a rest stop.

We then drove to The Harry Reid Las Vegas International Airport. Meet Eric. One of the absolutely best “curbside” Delta Airlines “baggage check in attendants” I have ever run across. Eric came racing over to get our bags from the curb where Tom unloaded them for us. Eric then got our bags checked to Anchorage with boarding passes for the Seattle and Anchorage legs of our trip. Next thing we knew we were AT our boarding gate 40. 

I did a “live” update on yesterday’s Post. We got on the plane and off to Seattle we flew. 

Pause. Everything went absolutely perfect.

Pause. At age 87, dealing with Long Covid-19 Issues, I was “almost, but not quite” dead on my feet. 

Into Seattle we arrived. We had a “tight” connection. Our wheel chairs were waiting for us (sometimes wheel chairs are NOT waiting for you) and we had to leave the B Concourse and head for the A Concourse. Got there O.K. We were immediately put into the pre-boarding queue with several others. Out the passageway to the plane we headed. Halfway to the plane, a rather “important looking” Delta Official said “Stop. Go back to the terminal. You can not board the aircraft!”

Back to the terminal we went. We all waited. Then came “the word”. This aircraft has some issues. We have to find a different aircraft. We waited. Then came “new word”. We have a different aircraft and you now have to go to a new gate etc. One of our wheel chair attendants had left. So I walked with our carry on baggage while Patti was pushed. 

We got to the new gate. We all “waited”. We eventually boarded our plane. We all “waited” quite a bit longer. Our baggage all had to be moved from the first aircraft to our second one. Finally off we went for our three hour flight North to Anchorage. 

Let me tell you all this truth .. For Delta Airlines to get us all on another plane and up to Anchorage like they did was a mini-miracle.

The “Detroit Michigan based” Delta flight crew did one amazing job.

We have been here. We have done this. Bottom Line .. You go the next day after being housed at a local hotel. Airlines can not just “come up with an alternate aircraft “Johnny on the Spot” like Delta did.

Doesn’t sound too bad now does it? 

Captain you say you are “bushed” so what on earth are you doing writing a Post instead of going to bed and saying “Whang It” to writing a Post?

– – – – – – – –

It’s what I do! One day I’ll stop and that will be that.

But not today.

I could write more. Go into more detail. I opt not to.

Over And Out (cold) at 2:20am Saturday morning.

Cap and Patti


2 thoughts on “MAY 4, 24 .. SAFELY BACK IN ANCHORAGE, ALASKA..

  1. Michael

    Whew! I’m exhausted just reading of your travel adventures. I truly appreciate the endless text updates from you while you hop to and fro but no details reveal how challenging it is for my two besties to navigate the world of planes, airports and those wacky gate changes! It’s comforting to know you made it back home to the luxuries of being in your natural comfy home. Nothing like being able to just ‘spread out’ and not be encumbered with any maid duties, eh? lol
    You’re only gone 1 day and we miss you here already. I had lunch down at the Burger Shack (English Village, adjacent to our London Bridge) with my two other longtime Alaskan-Wasilla friends. Al and Debbie hit the road on Sunday on the road up to the Alcan Hwy. Like you, they’ve made that trip dozens of x’s.
    Enjoy your digs among the citizens and majesties that Alaska offers. I suspect tons of friends there have missed you both as we do here.
    See ya soon, mis amigos,
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much Michael for your long comment. Not only are you exhausted from our travel adventures but we are too! You’ve lived some if not all of the various challenges of travel. The cooler weather here in Alaska is a real blessing. Your Allies.. Cap and Patti

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