Hi and Hello to our great friend and Ally, Michael down in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Patti and I simply can’t think of Michael without thinking of his adorable companion, Little Bit.

Little Bit is a Chihuahua / Yorkie mixed breed.

The four us. Patti, Michael, Little Bit, and Yours Truly.

Captain Oh Captain? Where are you going with all of this?

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Here is where we are going with Michael and Little Bit..


Taa – Daa ..

How on this good earth could we NOT feature Michael and Little Bit!

INTERNATIONAL CHIHUAHUA APPRECIATION DAY.. Is celebrated across the world on May 14 every year. As the name suggests, International Chihuahua Appreciation Day is meant to appreciate Chihuahuas, the smallest breed of dog in the world. The day originated in 2020 when former Miss British Columbia and fitness advocate Nadia Alterio announced on her blog that May 14 would henceforth be celebrated as International Chihuahua Appreciation Day, coinciding with her own Chihuahua — Teaka’s — birthday. The breed was named after the Mexican State of Chihuahua and usually grows to be between three to six lbs.

Hoo Ray Little Bit!

The Chihuahua is the smallest recognized dog breed. It is believed to have originated from the Techichi, a small dog kept by the Toltec people of Mexico around the 9th century A.D. Chihuahuas were quite rare until the early 20th century. They were first registered by the American Kennel Association in 1904.

Humans have had pet dogs for thousands of years. In fact, archaeology suggests a period of 12,000 years, and it is an agreed-upon fact that dogs were the first animals to be kept as pets by humans. Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to openly mourn the loss of a dog, inscribing tombstones for their lost companions. Ancient Egyptians kept dogs and baboons as pets, and often named and buried them with their owners.

The modern conception of pet ownership stems from Victorian England. The 17th and 18th centuries bore witness to the gradual rise in the social acceptability of keeping a pet. Pets soon became a sign of elite status as aristocrats began keeping dogs for both hunting and companionship. The rise of the middle-class post during the industrial revolution led to pet ownership becoming a part of the so-called “bourgeois culture.” As the popularity of pets rose, the pet trade became lucrative, and the streets of London soon saw vendors selling different breeds. The pedigree of a dog also grew in importance as the breed of the dog was indicative of its owner’s status within society.

Now You Know..

THE REST OF THE STORY about Michael and Little Bit and NATIONAL TODAY!

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By The Way.. We added a second Post (Part 2/2) to yesterday, Monday, the 13th, 2024. You may, you may not, be interested. Yesterday we (all of us here on dotnet) accomplished six hundred (600) consecutive days of publishing a Post here on dotnet. Below is a link back to it.

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Cap and Patti

Monday, May 13th, 2024. Patti (getting to see her primary care doctor within three hours of requesting an appointment was a bit of a miracle!) saw her primary care doctor here in Anchorage. Bottom line .. It is not going to be a “quick recovery”. Patti is now on a second antibiotic to deal with the pneumonia but the cough will not cease for “awhile”. 

6 thoughts on “MAY 14, 24 .. MICHAEL AND LITTLE BIT.. NATIONAL TODAY..

  1. Kit Raye

    Happy ICA Day Lil’ Bit! Love seeing her picture on occasion. Hope she and Michael enjoy their day.
    Oh Patti get better soon!
    I’m taking a friend to get flowers to plant today, and we’ll pray for no hail storms.
    Take good care.
    Aloha from the Black Hills.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Kit for acknowledging Michael and Little Bit. Very thoughtful. We hope your prayer was answered and you did NOT have a hail storm to “welcome your new flowers” home! Aloha back from Anchorage in Alaska. Cap and Patti

  2. Michael

    Oooh, Lord have Mercy! Little Bit is now in the National spotlight, or Global stardom! Actually me thinks she already knows how deeply she is appreciated. But we do thank you for all of the ‘color added’ on the history of the Chihuahua! See, one can ‘teach an old dog’ new tricks. Me, the ol’ dawg, and Little Bit the young Rock Star. Yep! She’s my gal! Thank you Kit for your compliments and kind words.
    Great news to know Patti is slowly recovering. Thanks for all of the loving wishes and thoughts even though you both have an uphill battle in front of you. You both have taught me altruism at its finest.
    Love you, Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Love having Little Bit being in “the lime light” Michael. Whodda Thunk? Thanks for acknowledging Kit in South Dakota for contributing a “high five” for Little Bit. Thanks for your support and sending “good vibes” up here for Patti. Smiles Cap and Patti

  3. Kathleen Brady

    Congratulations on your 600 day streak! I’m sure some days were an ultra difficult challenge. Thank you for hanging in there.

    I wanted to get in a vote on national days for tomorrow – National Chocolate Chip Day. They have a special place in my heart. Chocolate anything but chips are extra special because they are so delicious in cookies and ice cream and 7 layer bars. :-)

    Mostly, I wanted to send some healing thoughts to Patti. I hope you are seeing even a tiny bit of improvement every day. Hugs and prayers to both of you.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Kathleen for acknowledging our 600 days of consecutive posts. Who would have ever thought a streak like this would happen. NOT US and that’s for sure. Let’s see about National Chocolate Chip Day. Did we “open that window” for you to explore or were you a follower before we discovered National Today? It’s going to be a long road for Patti. Yes she seems to have some improvement. Certainly it’s not worse. Thanks Kathleen for your comment. Cap and Patti. BTW Yes! Kathleen some days can be very challenging to publish a Post.

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