Here we go loop de loop .. Here we go loop de li .. Johnny Thunder 1963..

Patti and I call this National Day a Fun Day!

Upsy Daisy Day promotes living a cheerful and gleeful life. It encourages us to be positive and calm when dealing with day-to-day activities.

Upsy Daisy Day is celebrated on June 8 every year, encouraging you to allow positivity into your life. Yes, there can be the occasional bumps in the journey of life that may leave us demotivated and stressed. However, if we express gratitude every day and believe that each day is a gift to us, we can carry on with a positive attitude and overcome any challenges. The actions we take and the choices we make when we decide how to react to a particular event are what can make or break us.

Upsy Daisy Day is the brainchild of Stephanie West Allen who created this day in 2003. Her vision behind this day is to make humor, laughter, and a positive attitude part of the Upsy Daisy Day way. ‘Upsy-daisy’ is actually a term dating back to the mid-19th century that was used to show encouragement to a child who has fallen or is being picked up.

It’s no mystery that waking up with a good attitude can give you a smooth start to the day and help you be more productive and happy. It is also believed that your outlook towards life and how you react to situations that come your way is a choice that you make. If you consistently react negatively to situations and think of more problems than solutions to a problem, you are going to be unhappy.

It is fairly effortless to be grateful for the blessings that we have been given. There will be times when life really challenges us but it is up to us to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But unless we do not try to adopt an optimistic attitude, we will not be able to achieve the utmost happiness in life. Once we do try, we might be surprised at how good it feels from within and will end up radiating our brightness, thereby bringing light into other people’s lives.

Therefore, Upsy Daisy Day is important and, for this one day, you should believe that whatever happens, happens for the best.

Too Feel Good .. Do Good ..

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That’s It Captain and Patti?

Yes! That’s it for today.

Cap and Patti

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Oh Oh. A Post Script!

We have pointedly, and we have deliberately, not 100% but to a large degree, kept sports out of dotnet.

IF someone wants sports, there are tens of thousands of sports options to find surfing the world wide web.

Today.. Saturday, June the 8th, the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Finals begin with the Edmonton Oilers playing the Florida Panthers in metropolitan Miami, Florida.

Thursday the Boston Celtics BLASTED the Dallas Mavericks 107 – 89. The actual game wasn’t that close with Boston leading by 29 points in the first half!

Tomorrow, Sunday the 9th, game two will be played in Boston.

Yes Patti and I are “keeping tabs” on the sporting scene but, for the most part, not here on dotnet.

Get it? Got it? Good!

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