Yes! Oh Yes Indeed! This Post “got away from me”. 

Signed Your Captain..


So far, dating back to March 23rd 2024, there has never (as in NEVER EVER) been a NATIONAL TODAY Post like the one you are about to view. It is, we believe, the LONGEST post we have ever put up.. so, brace yourselves!! 

This is the Summer Solstice Season. Yesterday, June 20th was the Solstice. Well Patti and I felt “like celebrating” The Solstice.

Often (as in VERY OFTEN) we write here that “Today there were not many days that we could relate to.” Or “Today’s choices were very limited.”

Today, Friday, June the 21st, there were over 30 Days and MANY of them were of interest.

Here we go Sports Fans, we hope you brought your popcorn!

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International Day of the Celebration of the Solstice is observed every year on June 21. Numerous cultures and religions celebrate the solstice in their own way. While the interpretations, meanings, and significance of the solstice — when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days — vary from culture to culture, the International Day of the Solstice is international. The day is during the summer solstice falling between June 20—22.

The United Nations came up with this celebration to acknowledge and spread awareness about the importance of the solstice to different cultures and religions regardless of their origins. Solstice refers to the day when the Sun reaches its northernmost or southernmost extent in its path.

Looking up from the Earth, the Sun appears to stop at its southern or northern limit on its daily path before reversing direction. Because the Sun looks like it has paused at its extreme limits, the event was named solstice, derived from the Latin words ‘sol’ meaning ‘Sun’ and ‘sistere’ ‘to stand still.’ The Sun appearing to move is not the Sun in motion. The Earth’s movements cause the poles to tilt towards and away from the Sun. The summer solstice or midsummer occurs when one of the Earth’s poles is tilted towards the Sun, causing the longest day of the year for that hemisphere. For the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice is in June. For the southern hemisphere, the summer solstice is in December.

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National Daylight Appreciation Day.. During the Summer Solstice we get to enjoy the longest period of sunlight that we will experience in the entire year. There will be no other day with as much sunlight as on the Summer Solstice — although this does not apply to the extreme northern and southern portions of the planet. On June 21 every year, the sun spends the longest time in the sky and provides us with long hours of sunlight and warmth. National Daylight Appreciation Day celebrates this annual celestial event.

It is no secret that time and dates are man-made phenomena. They were brought into existence for mankind to be aware of the ever-changing atmospheric patterns witnessed through the course of a year. Before we had great technological advancements, humans assumed that there were religious and supernatural elements that determined changes in the cosmos. For example, the summer solstice was understood as a day that marked the transition of the sun god from the land of the living to the land of the dead, to ultimately be reborn in deep winter when the days began getting longer again. In most cultures, the day would be observed with a great ceremony around both these events, to commemorate the sun god’s strength and the anticipation of him being reborn again.

The day of the summer solstice was celebrated with great feasts and new harvests that thrived in the summer sun. We have made significant progress since then and today we understand that the summer solstice is part of the natural movement of our planet. We experience the longest day of sunlight hours as a result of the rotation of the Earth, its orbit around the sun, and the way it is angled on its axial tilt. Thus, National Daylight Appreciation Day reminds us all to go out in the sun and enjoy our time outdoors before the days start to shorten again.

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How could we NOT publish Arizona Day, since we now spend half of our year there?

Answer .. We couldn’t!

National Arizona Day is a holiday celebrated on June 21 every year, where the locals swear the weather is bearable and the many sunny days brighten their life. This state in the south of the U.S., east of California, and south of Utah is very arid and hot. It has four different deserts, each with a differing climate. Arizona had gold, silver, and copper rushes. With its varied peoples, long history, and dry climate, Arizona played a big role in the history of Mexico and the U.S.

Formerly part of the Territory of New Mexico, Arizona was originally carved from Spanish and Mexican territories. It was later ceded to the United States in the war between Mexico and America. Consequently, a part of the territory broke off and became the Territory of Arizona as established and named by the Confederate States of America. Due to the various secessions it witnessed, an act to have the territory of Arizona organized was signed. This new territory was merged with parts from the earlier New Mexico Territory to form the U.S. Arizona Territory. Arizona was granted statehood on February 14, 1912, which made it become the 48th state admitted by the United States and the 6th largest state in the United States.

With the state’s central location and resources, Arizona developed a fast-growing economy and saw its most vital economic boom with the mining industry in the 17th century. This took a drastic turn during the Great Depression. Famous for The Grand Canyon, a long list of parks and monuments, the drastic turn the economy took was uplifted as major road networks opened up the state to tourists and explorers. Tourism quickly became the center of Arizona’s booming economy.

Even though its most famous tourist attraction is its landmark shaped by nature, the Arizona has a unique and exciting blend of history and culture that is derived from the influences of the Mexican and Native American populations. National Arizona day is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the state’s natural, cultural and historical resources.

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Now we come to some of the many other Days Patti and I also liked.

Ordinarily you see only one, or maybe two Days. We don’t plan to again go “overboard like I Your Captain, did in this Post!”

National Seashell Day is celebrated every year on the first day of summer — on June 21. This day encourages you to head to your nearby beach and admire the beautiful shells left behind by creatures, typically snails and mollusks. There are so many different types of shells that you can find on beaches, all you have to do is look. However, make sure you only pick up empty shells and not ones with creatures still living inside them. If you do find such shells, it’s best to release them gently back into the ocean. Get ready to head to sandy beaches where seashells await you!

National Seashell Day was founded by Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau on the first day of summer in 2016. This day was created as a marketing gimmick to attract tourists to celebrate the seashells found on the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel in Southwest Florida. National Seashell Day was first celebrated on Captiva Island with the morning TV news show called “Good Morning, America.”

Did you know Sanibel Island has earned the title of the Seashell Capital of the World, owing to its abundance of seashells? Every year, people flock to Captiva and Sanibel Islands to search for over 400 species of shells. The calm waves and location make these islands the top pick for people to look for beautiful seashells.

The other day we had ..

So how could we NOT have .. Taa Daa ..

National Take Your Dog to Work Day, celebrated annually on the Friday following Father’s Day (June 21), honors one of our most beloved pets. Wouldn’t you agree, the hardest part of the day is leaving our four-legged fur babies behind as we head to the office? So, when Pet Sitters International (PSI) pitched the idea of taking them with us, how could we resist? Dogs brighten up even the best days so it’s pretty obvious they will up the fun factor at work exponentially. As you run out the door, don’t forget your briefcase and a doggie bag.

We’ll see you at the office! Patti and I seriously doubt it!

Yo Gullible! Do you like this one? 

World Giraffe Day is celebrated on June 21 every year. The holiday was established by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (G.C.F.) as a way to celebrate the tallest animal in the world. World Giraffe Day takes place during the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Alongside celebrating giraffes, the G.C.F. uses the day to raise funds for the conservation of the wild giraffe population across the world and to raise awareness about the challenges these animals face. Institutions around the globe organize events on World Giraffe Day to properly celebrate the holiday.

How is this for an “unusual Day”?

National Day of the Gong is celebrated annually on June 21. The day honors and celebrates the gong’s history and cultural significance. Apart from being a musical instrument, the gong is also seen as a tool of creativity and healing. It is a versatile instrument whose sounds are sensory and polyphonic. Gongs are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and materials. They are also a common sighting at worship places and meditation centers. Like other musical instruments, the gong is also played at performances, ceremonies, and events. Its rhythm and beats make it an indispensable part of mind-body-spirit endeavors. Musicians and artists use the gong to bring their imaginative and creative ideas to life. The gong serves a different experience and purpose for everyone.

Carefully hop on your very own Skateboard !!

Go Skateboarding Day is celebrated annually on June 21. Skateboarding is a recreational activity and an action sport that involves riding a skateboard and performing tricks. Skateboarding events are organized by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to make this activity more welcoming to everyone.

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) established Go Skateboarding Day back in 2004. It aims to make skateboarding a community event and bring people together. Through this event, the IASC also wants to encourage skateboarders to make this sport a priority on Go Skateboard Day and put all electronics aside.

This fun celebration endeavors to get people to go skateboarding wherever there is a rideable surface such as a skatepark, road, etc. When the event was first celebrated in Southern California, it hosted several skateboard sessions, demos, barbecues, and other fun activities.

How about a little Yoga?

Celebrated on June 21, International Yoga Day celebrates the physical and spiritual prowess that yoga has brought to the world stage. While it is an important source of exercise and healthy activity millions join in and practice on a daily basis. For many, these routines are a way to connect the body, mind and soul in a way that has existed for centuries.

Yoga is considered to be an ancient practice that originated 5,000 years ago in India. Yoga was developed as a way to interconnect the mind, body and soul to step closer into enlightenment. As the practice became popular in the west, it became popularized as an exercise and relaxation method, with claims to help the body’s general well-being, alleviate physical injuries and chronic pain.

The idea of International Yoga Day was first proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 27, 2014, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, where a resolution to establish June 21 as International Yoga Day was introduced by India’s Ambassador, Asoke Kumar Mukerji.

The date of June 21 was chosen as it is the Summer Solstice, the day where there is the most sun out of every other day of the year. Overall, it received support from 177 nations, the highest number of co-sponsors for any UN resolution, proclaiming June 21 as the International Yoga Day.

On June 21, 2015, nearly 36,000 people, including Prime Minister Modi, and many other high-profile political figures from all around the world, performed 21 asanas (yoga postures) for 35 minutes in New Delhi in what was the first International Yoga Day, and the day has been celebrated around the globe ever since.

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I had to include the below World Motorcycle Day because of all the joy that I had riding motorcycles, especially when my family and I lived in Europe from 1974 to 1978.

Here in the United States, I personally found that for me, motorcycling is decidedly a much different experience than in Europe.

World Motorcycle Day is celebrated every year on June 21 as a day to promote freedom of the road. Since June 21 is the year’s longest day, the holiday is always observed on that day. This day is dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts and anyone else involved in the industry. At numerous locations, bikers from diverse sections of the area get together to express their love for motorcycles. Although motorcycles have been around for more than a century, their function in society remains constant. Regardless of whether you use your motorcycle for routine work or as a hobby.

With God and the Good Lord riding beside you, it will take you to your desired destination. Written smiling to myself!

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A calm Day for you all..

World Day of Music or Fête de la Musique, celebrated each June 21, was first started in France but today highlights music’s universal appeal. It’s meant to make music more inclusive and encourage people of varying skill levels to interact a lot more with all types of tunes. World Day of Music is also an opportunity for musicians to build their presence and connect with their audience on social media.

Most of us have an innate understanding of music. Even if we can’t play an instrument, or even sing, somehow, we can connect with rhythms and melodies. Heck, even plants understand music. Did you know they tend to grow faster after a generous helping of classical music? 

From the oldest musical instrument in the world — the Neanderthal flute, made by Neanderthals 60,000 years ago — to present-day electronic instruments, music has become a significant part of our daily lives. Other than being pleasant to listen to, music is a form of expression — the right melody resonates with feelings better than words can, and music transcends borders. This is exactly what World Day of Music aims for — bringing people together, and breaking barriers and boundaries through music.

Last a giggle for you..

Check your hair, find your light, and strike a post — National Selfie Day is June 21. Time to find the perfect angle, try out that new filter, and freshen up your socials! If you’re feeling yourself, you’re wearing a new favorite outfit, or even if you’re just bored, it’s time to pull out that camera phone and proclaim, “But first, let me take a selfie.”

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Yes ! We do mean YOU !

The Streak (of posting a post each day) began September 22, 2022. 

Today is June 21, 2024. 

September 22, 2022 through today June 21, 2024, is twenty one months (638 days) without missing a day.

Thanks to each one of you who follow us here on dotnet.

Without each and every single one of you, this Streak would not have been possible.

Cap and Patti


  1. Kathleen Brady

    Congratulations on 638 days! That is quite an accomplishment with all your travels and occasionally spotty internet connections.

    I highly recommend yoga, even just chair yoga. You get to stretch muscles you didn’t know you had and at the end, you get a little rest break. :-) When I first started taking yoga classes, I didn’t think I was going to make it to the end of class and wow that ‘nap’ was heaven.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You Kathleen for being able to “survive” reading such a long Post. Yes indeed. Yoga finds all of those muscles that we didn’t remember we have! So nice of you to follow along here with us and submit comments when your time allows. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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