I hope that you have read Part 1/2 above and have scrolled down to this Part 2/2.

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I began this website with my webmaster Andrej, back on August the 6th 2011. Unbelievable! That was almost 13 years ago. Andrej, Patti and I are still at it!

The Point Of This Website Was : To share my international travels with friends who I felt would be interested. 

Then, in December of 2019 when I brought Covid-19 back after 14 months in Asia, my international travels absolutely and totally stopped cold.

At this moment, I can no longer totally blame Covid-19 for not traveling internationally.

Life has happened. Well over four (4) years have overtaken me.

Now at age 87 years, my stamina and desire to “endure the slings and arrows” (Unpleasant or difficult hardships) of world travels has diminished considerably. Do I want, Do I need, Can I Endure .. all that comes with world travel?

If you have been reading about Frostbite Frank and Gullible and their current world travels, you will see what I mean. Frostbite Frank and Gullible, when you two are age 87, you just may feel the way I am currently feeling!

What IS The Point Here Captain?

Do I continue with this website or do I close it down because I am not writing about my international world travels any more?

– – – – – – – –

When I saw Today’s Day..

I began Part 1/2 above thinking .. “Should I LET THIS WEBSITE GO?”

The problem is that the topic LET IT GO almost instantly became far (as in FAR) bigger than me! 

LET IT GO is an important, life changing matter! FAR bigger than my own issues with (do I continue or do I stop) dotnet.

The Answer IS (Taa-Daa) Acceptance!!

I have got to accept the idea that somehow, in some small way, my mission now is to continue to try to add something interesting to someone’s day or life. And thanks to more than a few of you following us, I feel that Patti and I are doing just that.

Onward! Damn the torpedoes of my self-doubt about continuing dotnet.

So, if you truly care about dotnet, at least for now, don’t fear, I can’t imagine closing it down! That is not an option as long as my health and overall well being allow me to keep going. 

P-E-R-I-O-D !


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