MAR 26, 14 (1/2) .. GOD’S ESKIMOS

I want to start this post showing you some really nice photos of winter here in Anchorage Alaska in Mid-March.  These were snapped in our parking lot outside of our condo.

The beauty of trees wearing their winter coats of snow is one of God’s beautiful paintings.








I hope you all enjoyed the above photos.  Our winter is now disappearing fairly quickly.

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In Alaska there are many stories about survival in the winter.  Is the below story true?  Is it an urban legend?  Is it just a wonderful and very meaningful story. I don’t know which it is..  legend or truth.. but here is the story about one of God’s Eskimos or .. if you wish .. a ‘Spiritual Eskimo’.

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It was winter in Alaska. To pass the time one winter evening two old timers were sitting by the fireside and talking about their spiritual beliefs.. about God.. about prayer.. about the meaning of life.

One of the old timers said to the other..

“I used to believe in God. I used to pray daily and often. I felt really connected to God. I no longer feel this way .. in fact I no longer believe in God nor do I believe in the merits or in the supposed good of prayer..”

“What on earth changed your beliefs?” asked his friend.

“I am glad you asked..” said the first old timer.. “Here is my story..”

“Some years ago.. it was during mid-January .. I was driving my team of dogs into town to get provisions. It was cold and it was dark! Suddenly a terrible winter storm arose and engulfed me. This storm was absolutely the worst storm that I had ever in my life experienced.”

“In a matter of minutes the temperature suddenly went from being merely cold to perhaps forty below. And dark .. there was absolutely no moonlight. And where it had been relatively calm weather I was suddenly hit by severe blizzard winds causing absolute ‘white out’ snow conditions. It was terrible.”

“Well I tried to remain calm.. but my dogs and I completely lost the trail. I knew I was in trouble.. I knew I was lost and I’d become absolutely and completely disoriented. I was getting cold because of the terrible wind.. and quite frankly.. I was scared out of my wits.. ‘So this is how my life is going to end’ I thought quietly to myself.”

“Then an almost eerie calmness came upon me and surrounded me and I thought.. ‘I will pray and I will ask God to assist me’. “

“And so I began to pray. I said ‘God I am lost and I am in trouble. God.. I need your help or I will surely perish in this storm. God I pray that you will guide me through this storm and that you will lead me to safety.” and I continued to pray..

“And I prayed and I prayed and I prayed.”

“God did not answer my prayers! Nothing my friend.. absolutely nothing!”

“And so I no longer believe in God nor do I believe in prayer..”

After he had finished sharing his story.. the two oldtimers remained silent for some time.. staring into their fire and thinking..

Finally the friend said ..

“If I understand your story.. you were hopelessly lost in a severe storm. You and your dog team were disoriented and wandering. You believed you were going to die. Is this correct?”

“Yes” replied the first old timer.

“Then you began to pray to God for help. You prayed to God to lead you through the storm to safety.. is this correct?”

“Absolutely” replied the first man.

“Yet you do not feel your prayers for help were answered?”

“No I don’t. I did not ever hear from God. Nor did God lead me to safety. So I no longer believe in God nor in the worth of prayer.”

The second of the two old timers fell silent again for a very long time .. Finally the friend said ..

“Well the fact is you did not die. The fact is you are here with me and you survived the storm. I don’t understand why you feel God abandoned you and that your prayers were not heard. How do you explain this?” asked the friend ..

“Well it sure wasn’t God nor prayer that saved me.” said the first man.. “Out there alone in the wilderness and lost in that terrible storm an Eskimo bumped into me and led my dogs and myself to safety!”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A second story about God and Eskimos

A man was caught in a terrible flood.  He was on his porch watching the water rising. A neighbor in a truck pulled up and said to him .. “Get in and we will outrun the rising flood waters” .. He replied .. “God will save me.”  His neighbor drove away.

The man then went inside and up to a window on the second floor of his home looking out as the flood waters were rising quickly.  A man in a boat motored to his window and said .. “Get into my boat and you will be OK.” .. again he replied .. “God will save me.”  The second man motored away in his boat.

Finally the man went up into the attic of his home and was able to climb out onto the roof straddling its peak. From overhead a helicopter appeared and a lifeline was dropped down to him. The helicopter crew called down asking him to grab the lifeline.  The man screamed up .. “God will save me!”  The helicopter turned and flew away.

Finally the man was swept away to his death.

He entered the here-after. He encountered God and he asked of God .. “Oh Lord God of Heaven And Earth .. Why Didn’t You Save Me?” ..

God replied .. “I sent a truck. I sent a boat. I sent a helicopter.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

With God’s Eskimos you either believe in them or you don’t believe in them.

With God’s Eskimos you recognize them as the blessing they are or you simply don’t recognize nor believe in them.

And life’s storms may not be of the physical weather variety.

Nice food-for-thought.  Smiles .. Cap

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