OCT 4, 11 (3/4) .. For What It’s Worth

Whew.. I spent the day busy.. taking more photos.. IT WILL TAKE TIME to get them up onto the web site so please be patient.. and I went to Mother Teresa’s 3PM introduction to volunteers.. they host and introduce new volunteers three days a week.. Monday, Thursday and Friday, each day, at 3PM (SHARP! .. do not be late.. the ‘nun’ in  the ‘nuns’ sortta shows through sometimes.. giggle.. ) .. as is the case in all of India.. lots of folks were LATE..

Crocodile Dundee says .. ” Captain.. that group of twenty (20) or so Australian volunteers who showed up as a ‘pack’ en masse.. forty five minutes late and caused the briefing to be started over from square one WAS LATE!  “

These Aussie’s are young.. in their twenties.. and ENTHUSIASTIC.. AREN’T ALL AUSSIE’S THIS WAY.. LOVE ‘EM..

It was impossible to hear and I was no more than five feet from the leader (Rebecca who is in her third month here.. poor Rebecca.. she blanched when she glanced at my form.. my age (75 years) and having been a volunteer in some form or other..  for some twenty (20) years.. sweet girl..)  .. NO WAY COULD THE AUSSIE’S HEAR ANYTHING.. they were behind me.. but they  just ‘BEAMED AND SMILED AND WERE AUSSIE’S “.. LOVE THEM (You Said That Captain /s/ Crocodile (Aussie) Dundee) ..

We were split up into ‘language’ groups.. as usual.. Korean and Japanese volunteers were there.. and others.. we were further split up into NEW and HAVING BEEN HERE BEFORE broad groups.. I stayed with the NEW.. you know.. ‘ZEN mind’.. read one book forty times.. we IN THE WEST read forty books one time..

Took more photos and ENDURED THE HEAT.. it is now OFFICIALLY OVER. THE MONSOON has passed.. no more rain.. and in the low 90’s F.. feels like an oven..

TOOK MY LIFE IN MY HANDS… from 7PM until about 9:30PM..

After I finished visiting Mrs Brinnand.. I took my life in my hands and I WENT OUT AMONGST THEM.. I boarded a tram at Sealdah Station and rode the trams down into the heart of Calcutta to see what I could see as regards DURGA PUJA (Puja is the word for Festival.. got it ‘Zilla?).. activities.. lot’s of people.. but NO MAJOR light shows like the two I have photographed beside my hotel and up the street just a little way..

CROWDS.. TRAFFIC.. YES FOR SURE.. but merriment.. no problems.. lot’s and lot’s of energy..

OK.. that’ll be a wrap for today.. Monday the 3rd of October.. MUCH LOVE.. Cap..