Patti and I .. let me say .. Patti and I ‘survived’ a long day yesterday.  Boarding at three (3) airports .. Seattle .. Tucson .. Dallas .. with three flights on three separate aircraft.  In Tucson we had to go back through security for reasons unknown to me.  Usually you fly into an airport and you stay in the secure area and you do not have to go back through security.  Not so in Tucson.  We had to de-plane and re-board with all the security drama.

In Dallas we arrived into Concourse ‘C’ and had to go to Concourse ‘D’ .. we had the best possible wheelchair assistant .. he was waiting .. he had researched our outgoing flight .. and we RAN .. I mean we RAN .. it was a tight connection.  We had a few minutes to spare and could not use a restroom as we boarded immediately after we got to the gate D15.  So we did ‘that’ on the aircraft in the spacious aircraft restrooms. 

Just boarding and de-boarding is a stressor.  Standing in the aisle while all in front of you themselves de-board.

Then .. just for some ‘drama’ .. for the FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE .. I managed to lose my Alaska Drivers License.  I think on the Seattle to Tucson flight. 

We got into Detroit on-time at 12:20AM and Tiger Tom 1968 was there ready and waiting.  We left Detroit Metro about 1:15AM (yes it took time to collect our baggage and all-of-that) and got to Royal Oak about 1:50AM.  Patti and I .. along with Andre one of our most special friends .. visited for an hour or so and Patti and I crashed about 3AM.

On the phone today with Airports in Dallas and Tucson about my lost drivers license. The State of Alaska said I MUST be physically present in-person to get a duplicate but they may issue a temporary license (30-days) since I am out-of-state.  Call back Monday.  I plan to return to Alaska next June 2015 .. so what-to-do .. fly back .. “When does it get easy?” ..

Enough for now .. Still Smiling .. Cap and Patti ..