OCT 11, 11 (5/6) .. For What It’s Worth

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This set of five (5) photos is inside of the Entally Shopping Center.. between my Hotel Circular and Sealdah Railway station.. on A.J.C. Bose Road..

These photos show the inside of not only the Entaly Shopping center.. but of many  shopping centers in India.. the first two photos in the top row.. starting with the left .. are of a shop and the walkway inside the center.. then we come to my tailor and he is working on my white nylon warm-up trousers.. for about one dollar .. he removed the leg zippers .. turned the bottom cuffs up an inch .. re-installed the zipper .. so now I have ‘high bottoms’ and my trouser legs will NOT GET SO DIRTY because they will not be dragging along the ground .. I now plan to do this (turn up the leg bottom cuffs) with the other pair of warm-up trousers and have deeper pockets stitched into both ..

The last photo in the top row is MY SPECIAL ‘K’ CEREAL MAN !! I can NOT tell you how thrilled I was to find SPECIAL ‘K’ .. I eat it plain.. with a spoon.. and chew and chew and chew it.. it is EXTREMELY COARSE as compared with our Special ‘K’.. and I really enjoy it as a powerful ‘snack’ ..

The photo in the bottom row is my beloved HARDWARE STORE.. can you see you do NOT enter any shop.. you step up to a counter and then you point and you explain what you want (this can truly be a job) and the owner of each shop will get it for you .. I can’t believe how much fun I am having at this store .. getting things I really want and need ..