Four Tid-Bits JUST for YOU !

I swear to goodness I must have a few Guardian Angels watching over me. In one instance I know one of them. In my small (93 Square Foot) studio apartment here at 23 Mercer Street in the Sheung Wan (Shen Wan) District of Hong Kong we have 24/7 Security Guards downstairs at the elevator. The Security Guards sit at the desk below on the left.

With no exceptions each are shy about me photographing them. When I snapped the above photo the guard on duty at the time quietly stepped aside out of sight to the left.

All are men except for one lady. It is the lady I am writing about here.

Each and every single time I enter the elevator I think about this story!

I think that I am OK. I think that I am fine. What I am not able to realize from time to time is that when I am NOT fine I don’t necessarily know that I am off balance or off kilter.

This lady Security Guard is a real sweetheart. In the mornings she will send the elevator up to the 9th floor (my floor) so that when I come bounding out of my room at 7:15AM give-or-take five minutes there is my elevator waiting just for me. I sure wish I had a photo of her to post here.

So on one fine evening a week or so ago I stepped into the elevator after saying goodnight to her and the door closed. Keep in mind I am feeling 100% totally fine (at least in my own mind). I patiently stood inside the elevator waiting for it to begin its upward climb to the 9th floor.

Then through the elevator door I heard her voice quietly counseling me! 

“Sir!” .. a friendly short pause ..  “Press nine!”

I guess that I was a tad more exhausted than I suspected! We two still giggle over this shared experience.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

IT has now happened two times in the past two weeks. The dreaded IT is simply that for the first time since Patti and I stayed here at the HOMY INN last November 16th of 2014 .. I was not able to get onto the computer instantly. Most people now have these exotic Smart Phones that Andrej likes to point out to me that are really small computers. So ‘MY’ (quote end quote) computer sits quietly waiting just for me!


Two weeks ago three young ladies politely asked me with emphasis  .. “Sir we REALLY NEED to use the computer!”

Thank You God for giving me some real solid common sense! This is NOT ‘MY’ computer it is the common shared computer of the HOMY INN for all guests. I have been given the grace to have free use of it for over two months now.  The last thing in this world that I want to happen is for some other guest to go to management here and say .. “This man on the 6th floor is living at the computer and we really need to use it.”

I said .. “How long do you need to use it for?” .. “Five minutes only.” .. “Fine. I will be back in half-an-hour.” .. I held up three fingers and mouthed thirty minutes. I honored my time commitment and when I returned the three of them were long gone.

When I came back the next day .. as I peered into the glass panel on the door I could see the same three of them busy at the computer and so I just silently departed and did not use the computer that day.

Then last Monday .. after the Super Bowl game I came straight here to put up a Post about the game. This time we could NOT get the WiFi to engage. It was not until Wednesday that the WiFi issue was resolved.

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention.

So out and off went Gimme Some Roy to the land that knows no time .. Down a trail no man could conquer .. To a cliff no man could climb .. The Search For The Perfect High .. Shel Silverstein ..

Yesterday .. With the help from my friend Jeremy who has lived and who has taught students here for 30 years and who literally led-me-by-the-hand .. I now know where the Hong Kong Central Branch library is located and I now know what to do to use their computers on the 6th floor. It amazed me when they quite willingly accepted my State of Alaska Driver’s License as proof of Identity!


All of these fine computers .. state-of-the-art .. sitting silently (and maybe sadly?) vacant due to the massive influx of SMART PHONES.


The NOT SO GOOD NEWS. As at the Kowloon YMCA at 41 Salisbury Road here in Kowloon .. one can NOT upload photographs. BUT I am able to do text work (check and send e-mail/GOOGLE and surf the web/read and comment upon friends websites Gullible .. Shaddy .. etc) and this is phenomenal.

I love the hyper-stimulation at solving problems such as this. Of finding answers and solutions to problems and finding other avenues of opportunity.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

And some of you think that I only eat Singapore Rice Noodles and Instant Noodles!


IT is known as Tandoori Chicken.


IT lives literally outside my door at 23 Mercer Street and across the Street. The below photo was taken from the 9th floor just outside of my Room. When you see the photos following the below photo you will recognize the DARK RED MASALA sign below in the upper left quadrant.


Here is the sign from street level.


Below is THE MAN!






– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

PLEASE Don’t ask me because I am NOT able to answer your question – “Captain? What on this good earth gives with these photo murals?”


HERE is my question for you! –

“How on earth could I NOT snap them?”


After the Super Bowl game last Monday morning .. I was coming down the Cental-Mid-Levels Escalators approaching Queen’s Road Central and there they were! Below is a map for you!


What an absolutely positively amazing gift Hong Kong is for me!

Well That Is That said Baba Caps with a BIG SMILE!

6 thoughts on “FEB 5, 15 .. A LITTLE BIT OF THIS .. A LITTLE BIT OF THAT ..

  1. Patti

    What a sweet lady security guard … she sends the elevator up to your 9th floor when she knows you will be due to need it, AND she looks after you when you are coming back into the building in that once you step into the elevator, she reminds you from outside the closed door that you have to push the button for the 9th floor. Sweet. The Tandoori Chicken looks yummy! Nice that you were led by the hand to the library as an alternative for using a computer…nice that you still have use of the one at the Homy Inn. You are living under a lucky star! Hugs and smiles. Patti

  2. Shaddy Peters

    I’m sooooo glad you have alternate options to get you on a computer. I know you would not be a happy man if you couldn’t work on your blogs. And I get that!! I wouldn’t be happy either.

    How sweet of the female Security Guard to assist you in every way she can. She is very thoughtful. I’m sure with your smiling face and enthusiasm, people love being of assistance to you.


    1. Cap

      You know Shaddy .. you may be correct. You receive what you put out. When you put out happy and joyous vibrations they do seem to come back to you don’t they?

      As for the alternate computers at the library .. the problem is that when you can NOT upload photographs .. as you can NOT do at the library .. that fact alone kills you on keeping a website up to date. But being able to do everything else is great.

      To have had this HOMY INN computer available for me to use for such a long time is a gift that I can NOT comprehend the magnitude of.

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