Three days remain until Patti flies home this upcoming Saturday from Hong Kong to San Francisco California. She will overnight in San Francisco next Saturday night and fly North to Anchorage Alaska Sunday May 3rd.

The two of us continue to enjoy our time together here in Hong Kong.

Robbie and ‘Zilla .. Just in case you were wondering? The answer is a RESOUNDING YES!


Yes indeed Patti and I have been eating (several visits)) at my favorite SUBWAY Sandwich Shop here in the Star Ferry Terminal Number 7 in Hong Kong Central.


What’s that? Proof?


OK the two of you (as IF I really needed to show you) here is your living proof!


It is the ambition of all fast food establishments to turn out a very consistent product no matter where a shop is located!  The Subway ‘Foot Longs’ here are every bit as good as they are back in ‘The States’. Maybe even better because I am MORE HUNGRY for them here!


I mean to tell the two-of-you they are OUTSTANDING here!

Moving along!

IMMEDIATELY to the right of the entryway into the building that my Studio Apartment is located in is a restaurant called The Canteen.




Patti and I enjoyed a breakfast of eggs ‘sunny side up’ with toast and baked beans and bacon and sausage and hash browns at the below table in the corner (left of center) below. The U.S. $12.91 that we paid would have gone a lot further at Denny’s! 


“What’s that my dear Patti?” .. “This is a program of honesty?” .. “I did not mention the rest of the breakfast!” ..

Patti enjoyed (quote .. I Thought The Mushrooms Were Wonderful! end quote) the sauteed mushrooms that were served with the breakfast! THAT .. in my opinion .. has to be a NEW LOW! ‘Shrooms with breakfast!

Gads! What did you all just ask if we were doing here?

YES! We are going to McDonald’s far more than you would imagine!




Here in Hong Kong they have McFlurry’s that they call SMARTIES!


A SMARTIE IS A McDONALD’S SOFT ICE CREAM McFLURRY that is mixed full of crushed M and M Chocolate Candies!


Where was I?

Here is a ‘sneak preview’ of Post(s) coming ..

Patti and I went to MACAU!


On the Super Fast Ferry ..


For me TO DO MACAU justice it is going to take more time than I have now!


Quite honestly I wonder IF I can do MACAU justice no matter the time I have.

The Point?

Patti and I are Rocking and Patti and I are Rolling!

Last Monday Patti and I HAD A LITTLE TIME-ON-OUR-HANDS so we hopped on the Fast Ferry over to CHEUNG CHAU ISLAND!

ANDREJ!  (my Web Master here)  These maps are absolutely OUTSTANDING .. THANK YOU SO MUCH!





NO! That is NOT PATTI in the lower right above!




After the beauty of the above harbor the island itself can be a bit of a let-down!




I seem to never tire of the wonderful Chinese Characters!

Smiles from (I think) Patti and Cap ..

Well Patricia? Are you still happy here .. even with the pace we are keeping?


Unfair the above photo with the question about Patti still being happy? I snapped the above photo after we had been comfortably seated for about an hour and we had eaten our ‘Foot Long’ Subway Sandwiches NOT after one of the times that we had walked poor Patti’s hips and legs and ankles into a threshold of pain on other long walks!

8 thoughts on “APR 29, 15 .. CAP AND PATTI .. ENJOYING HONG KONG ..

  1. zilla

    Wednesday, April 29, 2015 – 11:30 am PDT

    Hi Cap and Patti!

    At last – watching you two enjoy a sub at “SUBWAY”! I know you love your “NOODLES” but watching you enjoy a Subway sandwich in Hong Kong is pretty nifty! It was great fun while visiting with you in Alaska and going to place to place to seek out a Subway! Great! Ha! Ha!

    Your notes, photos, comments, etc are just great – I really do feel as I am sitting “shotgun” going along on your travels via ferry or MTR or bus!

    You two certainly have covered a lot in 30 days and it really shows it has been a very super nifty trip for you and Patti!!!

    A sidelight, a lot of great hockey games for the Stanley Cup playoffs! Great sport, a lot of action, pure beauty!

    A second sidelight, our “Reigns” won the first playoff last night for we are in for another series of playoff games! It was 90 degrees yesterday evening, yet the arena is so darn cold, I have to wear my long johns and parka! Who cares, great hockey in any weather!!

    Keep traveling, eating and having fun!

    I am sorry I missed your call a couple of days ago! I don’t know how we missed it but we did! (The only thing we can peg it on – I was feeding the outdoor cats; and Claudia was vaccuming the house – strange timing – can’t believe it, but true)

    1. Cap

      Go Ontario Reigns Hockey Team. Too funny it being so cold in the arena! YOU ARE RIDING SHOTGUN WITH ME my friend make no mistake about that! And I called you about 6PM exactly straight-up your time. Smiles and THANKS for your support ..

  2. Shaddy

    There is nothing wrong with eating at places where you love the food even if that’s at Subway and McDonalds when you’re in Hong Kong. We ate at an Outback restaurant in FL where most people think it’s off if you don’t eat seafood.

    Three days until liftoff for Patti! That time sure went fast.

    Happy travels to you Patti on your return to Alaska. I hope your days aren’t terribly lonely Cap as you adjust to being without your love again.

    With an abundance of grins,

    1. Cap

      Go Outback Restaurants .. I posted many photos of our local Anchorage Outback the winter of 2013-2014 when Patti and I kept winning free steak dinners because our local Ice Hockey Team was winning many games. There is a reason the local scene includes Subways and McDonald’s and Burger Kings and KFCs and on and on ..

  3. Jeanne Waite Follett

    That blue is a nice color for Patti. Yes, it is sometimes comforting to have food that you’re used to and franchises are the best place to find it. However, the best part of traveling is try new and different things, like mushrooms with breakfast. BTW, the next McFlurry you have, try the Oreo McFlurry. I found the M&Ms in a McFlurry much like eating pellets of wax would be, and spit them all out. Are you staying on for much longer in Hong Kong, Cap?

    1. Cap

      The MCFLURRYS here are NOT made with M & Ms but with a Canadian look-alike called Smarties. I thought they were M & Ms but Simon told me they are called MCFLURRY SMARTIES for a reason. I have had the Oreo MCFLURRYs and Patti and Simon actually prefer them most of the time. Mushrooms ACK! I plan to remain in Hong Kong for ‘some time’ yet. Smiles ..

  4. Bob Kelly

    Hi Cap- Got your postcard yesterday went on your website this morning.
    Carolyn and I are fine.
    Ed is having a rough time. At a U of M game last Nov. Beth had a severe stroke and is now in a nursing home wheelchair bound. Lots of short time and long time decisions to be made. Fortunately their two daughters are in Spring Lake.
    If you want to send Ed a message e-mail me and I will forward to him.
    When I flew into Hong Kong in my navy days the communists had an ADF close by Kei Tak that had the same frequency as the ADF on our approach plate. I remembered severe pollution back in th 60’s.
    Going up to open our log home in Northern Wisconsin and in June We will backpack from our cabin in Northern Michigan to a remote lake to fish. We have stashed a rowboat and oars over there.
    Safe travels.
    Bob & Carolyn

    1. Cap

      Thanks Bob friend since Kindergarten! Some 74 years ago! Can you imagine that? I will try to get an e-mail for Ed. I don’t have one for you either. We never NEVER know do we? Out at a U of M game and Beth’s life changed dramatically! Sad news .. All The Best ..

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