My son Robb sent me the below in an e-mail.

As I ‘saw’ the little boy in my mind’s-eye it just struck me so funny that involuntarily I laughed out loud so much the other library patrons looked (NOT smiling) over at me ..

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I saw a three-year-old lad being pushed on a little bike in the store today by his mother with a hand on the right grip and his sister with her hands on his back. But he wasn’t pushing the pedals, obviously not knowing what to do.  Then his mother got frustrated, had him get off, and she put the bike in the shopping cart.  His look was priceless, like, wow, what just happened?

He wasn’t mad, but he was bewildered.  Like, why did she do that?  He just stood there, looking off in the general direction of the coffee pots like Linus without his blanket.

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This goes-to-show-you truth is funnier than fiction. I told him he needs to host his own website ..

Thanks Robbie!

SMILES ..  Cap or Dad ..

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