MAY 31, 15 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH ..

Thanks PATTI and Thanks ‘ZILLA for some thoughts on a title for yesterday’s Post here on dot net.

Patti I will adopt your suggestion and modify it to : WANDERING THE STREETS OF MY MIND! .. That fits perfectly as a very general category like .. Chit-Chat .. A Little of This! A Little of That! .. Some Fun .. A Day In My Life ..

Then I can carry that basic category forward .. on a case-by-case basis to this : WANDERING THE STREETS OF MY MIND .. IN AGRA CANTT .. and it could apply in numerous cities and places. Great concept .. WANDERING THE STREETS OF MY MIND .. ON THE TRAIN ..

‘Zilla .. Of Course! .. I am amazed that I myself did not even think of using the basic title of this entire web site .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH .. I did not even have it as a category! I do now.

IF the kitchen here at the Hotel Pawan keeps it up .. I could be photographing each and every breakfast. Since I will be leaving Agra Cantt tomorrow you will not have to look at too many more photos of my WONDERFUL BREAKFAST OMELETTES!!


Today’s omelette out-did yesterday’s! And every day the toast gets more toasty.

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH .. here in this heat I need to do laundry.


I have always .. since my first trip in late October of 1990 .. done my own laundry. For one thing .. I do not want to risk things being stolen or mis-identified and go-missing at a laundry. For another I have seen with my own eyes the water some of the laundry services use. It looks like sewage water to me.

I even wash my towels and wash cloths quite often since they get ‘sour’ from the dampness in my room from the ‘swamp cooler’.


All three of the above .. the towel in the center and the two wash cloths are ORPHANS that I have adopted having found all three on the streets both here and in Hong Kong. Patti was with me on a bus in Hong Kong and saw another one get adopted.

The multi-colored one on the left was adopted just YESTERDAY .. sitting .. sad and all alone .. on the sidewalk at the TAJ MAHAL! I heard this tiny .. frightened voice .. “Dad! Oh Dad! Here I am down here Dad! On the sidewalk. Please Dad pick me up and take me home!”

I wash new orphans and I then soak them in a strong water / bleach solution. Then they are good-to-go.


The one from the Taj yesterday looked to be brand spanking new.

By The Way .. speaking of the Taj ..

What to do now? I was debating uploading a Taj Mahal photo or two .. then decided to just wait until tomorrow and upload a small selection of photos. Sitting here with one hundred and seventy eight photos has me flummoxed a little. What to do with them all and how to do it.

So I Am Going To Sign Off and Call This a Wrap ..

Over And Out .. Cap ..

OK just a few Taj Photos ..

The ride out to the Taj is .. for the most part .. very pleasant ..

TAJ 001

We are getting close ..

TAJ 004

Pull up a camel cart for a nice ride in .. or .. walk one kilometer which I always do.

TAJ 006

Ready to walk inside .. you can see MUMTAZ through the entryway below.

TAJ 014

Yes! You ARE beautiful MUMTAZ!

TAJ II 005

Smiles .. Cap ..

3 thoughts on “MAY 31, 15 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH ..

  1. Patti

    The breakfasts (omelet and toast) have looked good from the beginning, and they do keep looking more and more enticing. Your “adopted” washcloths are becoming an entire family … I have the brand new one we found on the bus in Hong Kong with me here in Alaska. She’s happy. Glad you succumbed to putting up a few more Taj pictures … who could ever get tired of seeing the Taj?

    Another beautiful day here in Alaska Paradise … sunny, low 70’s, slight breeze. Wish I could send some of our weather to replace the heat you are dealing with in India … hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Sadly I had to fight to NOT photograph today’s omelette and toast. But enough is enough. The breakfast was sort of sad. It had expected to be photographed!! Yes the small wash cloths and towel(s) are my little ‘family of orphans’. And I use them all.

      I sure could take some real deep cool weather. I would freeze. My body is getting used to the heat. Happy you liked more Taj photos. Much Love ..
      Cap ..

  2. Shaddy Peters

    Thanks to you, I have a beautiful postcard picture of the Taj Mahal. I received it yesterday and have added it to my collection from you.

    Have I ever told you that I love how you give voices to animals and inanimate objects? I find it very entertaining and heart warming. Washcloths with voices; only you could create their dialogue.

    Smiling endlessly,

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