It is 34 Degrees F or   1  Degree  C  here in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia ..

It is 82 Degrees F or 28 Degrees C down in Hong Kong the SAR ..

No wonder I am feeling chilly! 

Trust Me On This .. I Am Grinning From Ear To Ear ..

Say it Lychee ..


“Say What Captain?” .. “I am dying from the heat and from the humidity here in Hong Kong and you are up there in MY kind of weather!” .. “Have you checked out this hot fur-coat that I am wearing lately Captain? Notice that I am panting Captain!?”

“Honk Honk Honk .. Time to migrate Captain!”


There is another post below this one also dated SEP 9, 15 (Part 1) ..

My actual day and date is .. Thursday Morning .. SEP 10, 2015 .. which is a chilly Thursday Morning in MONGOLIA ..

Smiles .. Kanbaatar ..

2 thoughts on “SEP 9, 15 (Part 2) .. COME TO THE PARTY CAPTAIN .. NO WONDER YOU FEEL COLD ..

  1. Patti

    I can well imagine that the coolness in Mongolia feels GREAT to you. As we have often said about the cold in Alaska, we can put on more layers of clothing for the cold … there is only so much we can take off when we are HOT! I know it feels good to you to be back in Mongolia. Enjoy!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I really could not believe it. From the heat and humidity in Hong Kong to the downright chilly-ness up here was stunning. I had felt chilled when I stepped into the 59 F temperature coming out of the terminal here let alone 34 F which is getting close to freezing. Chilled yes but not in a bad way. I had the window in Changer’s car wide open and he had on a jacket. I am going to buy some additional bedding I think. I like to sleep warm in a cold room. Much Joy My Dear One .. Cap ..

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