It never ceases to amaze Patti and myself as we two walk routinely around Hong Kong the absolute beauty that we encounter when we find a beautiful green park area in the midst of the tall high-rise buildings. The below map shows Cheung Kong Park practically right smack dab in the middle of downtown Hong Kong.

The first three photos below show the general area of Hong Kong Central where Cheung Kong park that we are going to show you is located. They were taken from a pedestrian overpass (LOWER RIGHT RED BALLOON) above Garden Road near the Citi Bank Building.DSCN7712The photo above looks South up Garden Road. The photo below was taken after turning around 180-degrees and looks North down Garden Road. In the below photo Hong Kong Central is off to the left and Hong Kong Admiralty is off to the right.

DSCN7710The below photo looks toward Cheung Kong park where we are going to enter after we complete our walk across the pedestrian overpass. If you look at the left and right edges of the background of the photo you can glimpse the green edges of the park.
DSCN7715And suddenly .. just-like-that .. you have entered a beautiful quiet green and serene park.
DSCN7717Immediately behind you is the scene that I have just shown in the first three photos: Traffic and high-rise buildings in downtown Hong Kong.
DSCN7720Off to the right above you can see a neighboring high-rise building.DSCN7721These photographs were taken at approximately 9:30AM after the two of us had attended a morning meeting. Enough of my chatter and commentary. Just enjoy the quiet beautiful park.


DSCN7755The time has come for us to sit and just rest awhile. Behind Patti you can see downtown Hong Kong is literally a stones-throw away from the park. Queen’s Road Central is behind Patti.
DSCN7307As we two sat quietly on our park bench .. below are a few photos of our mid-morning view.

DSCN7308The time had come for us to continue into our day. As we slowly walked down the path we saw the reappearance of Hong Kong’s tall high-rise buildings waiting to welcome us back into reality.
DSCN7309You who walked this post with Patti and I have now seen Hong Kong’s beautiful Battery Path and Park. Thank You so very much for choosing to join we two.DSCN7312

DSCN7314Sign us as .. Two very lucky and very fortunate people .. Patti and Cap ..

4 thoughts on “DEC 17, 15 .. A NICE WALK IN HONG KONG CENTRAL ..

  1. Patti

    How nice to take this walk again, this time on the web site! Delightful!! These pocket parks never cease to amaze, enchant and delight me. Hong Kong REALLY knows how to be a huge city WITH CLASS.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes it is nice to have this on dot net so we can re-walk it in times to come. I have wanted to put up this post for some long time going back to your visit a year ago. Now it is finished. Happy you liked it. Hong Kong IS something else isn’t it. Love .. Cap ..

  2. Shaddy Peters

    This park is amazingly beautiful and most welcome I’m sure to both of you and many others who enjoy quiet and serenity mixed in with the normal hustle and bustle.

    I’m thinking perhaps Patti would enjoy coloring with markers as I do. It’s a great pastime when you feel like sitting down and yet doing something at the same time. I hope she’ll try it. It’s adult play time.

    Smiling back,

  3. cap chastain

    Yes Shaddy it is a great place and park to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet amidst the hustle and bustle that is downtown Hong Kong. I am sending you an e-mail about the coloring markers .. I don’t know what you are talking about. Smiles .. Cap .. I sure am enjoying your Florida posts Shaddy ..

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