IF .. I COULD DO BETTER .. I WOULD DO BETTER. As you reading along here well KNOW I can put up and publish a post pretty much each and every day and have done so from time-to-time.
DSCN8473[1]The thing is this: My one and my only TOP PRIORITY is to do my utmost to assure that Patti has a good time here.DSCN8782[1]It has now been twenty (20) years since Patti has been here in India with me. To be honest I had pretty much given-up-hope that she would ever return to India.
DSCN8730[1]We are doing a lot to just relax and enjoy this entire experience.
DSCN8770[1]I may be wrong .. but we seem to be doing a pretty good job at it.
DSCN8759[1]With the below photo I will rest-my-case.

By-The-By .. The below photo was taken as Patti was on the phone with Sarah D in Anchorage Alaska .. So ! Taa-Daa! Hi Sarah from Patti! ..
DSCN8724[1]Well for now .. Well for the time-being .. That is that says Baba Kaps .. With Joy ..

One thought on “JAN 25, 16 .. ARAMBOL BEACH .. PATTI

  1. Eryn

    Hi Cap and Aunt Patti! I am catching up on your posts after returning from Hawaii and I love this one! The food looks wonderful! I like the beach scene with the flying kites and drum circle. Much love!

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