“Memory is a great artist. For every man and for every woman it makes the recollection of his or her life a work of art and an unfaithful record.” ― Andre Maurois


I believe .. and as a member of the male sex this is my very own personal opinion I want you all to know but ..

I believe that IF a woman could remember .. really and truly remember and bring back into her conscious mind ALL of the experiences (Morning sickness .. I feel like I weigh a ton with this child inside of me kicking around .. Pant like a puppy .. Squeeze down hard .. etc et al) of conceiving and bearing and birthing a child complete with the postpartum depression experience and add in the terrible twos there might be more one child families! Help me out ladies with telling me more of the grief I have no clue about.

In the field of addiction and alcoholism .. One of many factors but at least a MAJOR factor in relapse is the inability to remember .. to REALLY remember .. how bad it was. We tend to remember only the good times and the positive experiences. IF you are a Chicago Cubs fan you seem to forget each April what is in store for your Cubbies. I could add almost each and every sports team on the planet here. How about those Denver Broncos you New England Patriots fans! Well Tom and Bill next year is another year.

IF I .. your very own Captain here .. could remember .. REALLY REMEMBER .. how frustrating and agonizing and disgusting and infuriating international travel IS (not could be but absolutely IS) I simply would NOT be here today in India. I have had diarrhoea for a week or so yet again. I seem to forget this reality of India. Patti too is not 100% in this category.

As I sit here in Pondicherry (Pondi) I am again totally and completely unable to upload any photos into my websites’ photo album. I came here to my internet lab thrilled to be back in Pondi and first .. had to out wait another of a series of never ending power outages here in the early morning only to be unable to upload nor to show any of a number of photos I have already snapped.

AND I JUST WROTE THE BELOW TWO DAYS AGO and yet I just came here to my beloved Pondi internet cafe filled absolutely full of wonder and joy at being back in Pondi and forgot what I just wrote below:

The past two days have been perhaps my worst two days ever with getting posts written and published. I could NOT get anything published yesterday the 26th of January. I worked almost all day until after 11PM basically in vain.

Having a website is quite an adventure. You are going to have bad days when you are around the world as I am and are NOT using your own computer. Power outages (five in one hour as a recent for instance) where you instantly lose a lot of material you have entered. Power outages are instantaneous and 100% unpredictable. You never know when the power will return. Today it was on and off two times from 9:15AM to 9:45AM. Then it went out a third time. I waited and I waited some more. Finally I went back to our apartment. It was 2PM before the power came back on. Then again three outages within the first hour.

Then you can have absolutely incredibly slow processing that would drive a Saint to drink. Your service provider half-a-world away cannot process your efforts to create a post due to some satellite issue perhaps. Keyboard keys stick. You press the enter key and next thing you know you have added fifty lines to your post because the enter key stuck in the down position. The same for the backspace key where it sticks in the down position and you lose many lines prior to where it stuck. 

Can you imagine. And I am sweating with the power shutting down the Air Conditioning.


Patti and I had a nice and safe trip here from Arambol Beach to Pondicherry but NOT WITHOUT A LOT OF ..DSCN8887[1]

We had a lot of drama getting onto and then a lot more DRAMA on the train itself coming here. Then more drama getting a taxi in Chennai. It was ugly really ugly. It was so bad that PATTI HERSELF got so upset that PATTI stepped between two warring and almost fist-fighting taxi drivers.

The good news about the terrible ‘row’ between the taxi drivers is that none of them touched Patti and amazingly each just stepped back away ELSE YOUR VERY OWN CAPTAIN would have gotten involved in a very big time way. THAT could have gotten REALLY UGLY.

More about that later I want TO PUBLISH this post right now while it looks like I can.

Patti is so exhausted from the trip she is still dead-to-the-world sleeping now at 10:47AM on Saturday morning the 30th of January 2016.

I have the small advantage of a time gain so I can date this post on Friday the 29th for you when it really is the next morning Saturday here.

Me .. I was up at o’ dark o’ clock getting water and money and bread and .. and .. and ..

Then I sneaked off on poor Patti sleeping so soundly to publish this post ..

What Captain .. What Captain is it you so love about India ..

Smiling .. I love All of it .. and Thankfully I seem to be totally lacking a good memory ..

Cap ..


  1. Jeanne Follett

    Wow! Patti as referee! Well, she’s probably taller than either of the two taxi drivers. As for losing words you have typed, you need to use CTRL+ z (that’s the control key and ‘z’ at the same time. It will restore as far back as you hold them down. Here’s to your bad memory. Makes for more adventures.

  2. Al

    Hi Cap, I hope you and Patti are feeling better. I’m sure it’d be easier to be sick at home…but then you could be sick at home too. At least you’re seeing parts of this wondrous world that many of us don’t see.

    Take care.

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