As I begin here I have no title. Of course as you read this there will be a title. BUT I DO HAVE A PHOTO OR TWO that I want to share with you.

We will see where this goes.

Below is one of my most favorite photos of all time. It was snapped in Agra Cantt India and is .. well I think it is .. priceless. I snapped it while I was dining in one of my favorite restaurants there.

Last night I was dining in what is fast becoming my number one favorite restaurant here in Ulaanbaatar.DSCN9706[1]“Not fair Captain! We don’t see the restaurant and we don’t read Mongolian!”

I am going to do a full post about this restaurant. However in the below photos I am going to show you in detail the entrance. Having these photos you will then be able to find the entrance in the above photo. Goodness IF you travel all the way to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia to dine here it would be a falling-down-shame if you could not find it.
DSCN9704[1]“Because of the ATM we all thought this was a bank and not a restaurant Captain.”
DSCN9705[1]At this writing I have now eaten at this Majestic Bastion Of Fine Dining more than at any other restaurant here in Ulaanbaatar.

Can any of you reading-along-here tell that I am having the Time-Of-My-Life!

I am here-to-tell-you how correct Julia Cameron is :

“When we start to write, we prime the pump and the flow of ideas begins to move. It is the act of writing that calls ideas forth, not ideas that call forward writing.”

OK I will give you all just a ‘ peek-or-two ‘ inside.DSCN9693[1]Majestic Bastion Of Fine Dining? It looks like a Take-Out place Captain. Kind of bare-bones.” .. “Bare-bones it is. Many people do come in for take-out service but many also eat here.”

Notice in the above and below photos the picture-menu on the wall.

Nobody on the staff speaks one-lick-of-English. But smart people that-the-Mongolians are .. All I have to do is to walk over to the pictures .. Look at them .. point .. and Volia .. my dinner arrives.”

“Um-m-m let’s see .. I think that I will have that.” .. As I point to one of the pictures on the wall.

“Does IT (my soon to arrive dinner) look good-to-you in the below picture-menu?”  The cashier (who doubles as a server and bus-person and photographer) comes out to see the meal that I am pointing at.
DSCN9690[1]IT has arrived! It is a ‘sizzler’ served on a hot cast iron platter.
DSCN9696[1]IF this dinner does not look-good-to-you allow me to assure you it was delicious. It was phenomenal. Lamb and vegetables and an egg omelette mixed in. A bowl of white rice .. sliced carrots .. and apple slices with raisins. I am salivating right now as I look at it!
DSCN9697[1]Oh-Yeah .. IT has arrived and all for the amazing price of Mongolian Tug 6,500 / US $ 3.19. You Read Me Correctly. The above dinner cost me: Three US Dollars and Nineteen Cents.

Do I ‘look-happy’! “Yes ‘Zilla you are correct. The dinner below is not the dinner I showed above.”DSCN9714[1]In the background above you can clearly see that there is quite a large dining area for those who eat-in.

Taa-Daa .. The time has come the Walrus said to Go Loop De Loop ..

“Well hello there young man! Does my dinner look good-to-you?”

“Sir I am wondering IF I could eat all of that?” .. Don’t photos ‘paint’ interesting scenarios?DSCN9700[1]My young admirer was in deep thought. DSCN9699[1]

Then after some time deep-in-thought .. He began to tap-tap-tap out a little rhythmic tattoo on the chair back. You can see his hands are a blur as he .. ‘Got It On’ .. I mean he was totally absorbed in his-very-own-world.DSCN9698[1]

Now you have .. The Rest of The Story about the little boy in Agra Cantt. The instant .. The micro-second the above lad came up to me I was transported back to India and my memories about the below boy.006Thanks for sharing with me the joy I am feeling ..


Cap ..

4 thoughts on “MAR 14, 16 .. A DAY .. A DINNER IN MY LIFE

  1. Patti

    The children in your travels are priceless! It looks like you will be busy and occupied trying all the various selections (pictured) in your newly discovered restaurant. Other than the lamb (red meat), everything looks delicious! Savor on!!! Love, Patti P.S. I love the way your posts title themselves … smile …

    1. cap chastain

      Well .. pause .. The posts ‘title themselves’ .. But only when I sit back and let them do so! The instant the young lad showed up I flashed back to the boy in Agra Cantt and immediately ‘reached for my camera’. And I snapped and snapped and ‘captured him’ for all of us. Priceless. I did not lose the photo opportunity by delaying and over analyzing my shots.

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