In my last Post .. APR 11, 16 .. PART 1 OF 2 .. FINDING MILLIE’S ESPRESSO .. I went into great detail about how to find Millie’s.


I also posted a copy of Gullible’s comment to my Post dated .. MAR 28, 16 .. YOU DID WHAT CAPTAIN? ..


Your penance for eating Nastyburgers is to eat JUST ONCE at Millie’s Cafe and then report back to me. Customers rave about it on Trip Advisor. Famous for homemade soups, burgers, Philly cheese sandwiches, fries, and chocolate cake–and on and on. Couldn’t find an exact address but my impression is it’s near the Blue Sky bldg. Lonely Planet has a section on it, and it is reported to be a favorite of ex-pats in UB. SO, next time you want American food, skip the garbage and go to Millie’s. Please.

Now that I have taken you to Millie’s front door in the above Post it is time to go inside.

“Are going to join us Gullible?

Yes indeed I thought you would jump-at-the-chance to go into Millie’s with me via my photographs below.DSCN8425[1]Looking to the South above and to the North below.DSCN8369[1]

DSCN8322[1]Millie’s is located in Marco Polo Place. DSCN8368[1]

DSCN8320[1]We are now in the main lobby of Marco Polo Place.DSCN8324[2]

DSCN8324[2]We have stepped just inside of the entrance and we are looking due North.
DSCN8327[1]Panning to the right ..DSCN8326[1]From the above view we have stepped to our left a few paces in the below photo. Do you see ‘MY’ table at Millie’s? My light-beige down-jacket is over the back of one of my chair(s). I say this because when I am eating at Millie’s I do not always sit at the chair with my jacket in the below photo.DSCN8350[1]A close up of the corner table.DSCN8337[1]Now we have walked to the above corner and are looking back South. Do you see ‘MY’ table?
DSCN8334[1]Panning right from the above scene ..DSCN8335[1]A close-up of the desert display case and the cashier’s work station.DSCN8338[1]Turning to our left above you see beverages ..
DSCN8354[1]Another view looking South back at the entrance. ‘MY’ table is in the immediate lower left foreground. You can see the above beverage display case on the extreme right edge of the below photo.DSCN8558[1]While we are here let’s walk to the far corner above and check-out the photos on the wall in the corner and to the right of the corner.DSCN8328[1]
DSCN8329[1]“Pardon me Gullible?” ..

“Will I go back to the third photo above. You want to look again at the extreme lower left foreground?”DSCN8558[1]“Yes indeed Gullible! I am writing post cards!” .. “It’s what I do!”DSCN8560[1]Sitting down at ‘MY’ table I see the below views ..
DSCN8364[1]I got right by the windows and snapped the below three photos ..

DSCN8353[1]Then I went outside and snapped the above views again ..
DSCN8367[1]Man-O-Manischewitz! I love the scenery I look out upon while at Millie’s!DSCN8631[1]

“Cap Cap Cap! ” .. “CAP CAP CAP! ” .. “Cap Cap Cap! ” .. “CAP CAP CAP! ” ..

“Yes Gullible?”

” T h e   F o o d ! ” .. ” W h e r e   i s   t h e   F o o d ?”

“I  a m  g e t t i n g  t h e r e  Gullible ! ”  

Good Grief said Charlie Brown to Snoopy as he suited up for a duel with the Red Baron !

“First let’s have a look at Millie’s menu.”
DSCN8339[1]Millie and Daniel .. the co-owners of Millie’s.

The time has come the Walrus said to get down to the getting-down!

The Food at Millie’s ..

Important Disclaimer:  Taa-Daa .. I did not .. Repeat .. I DID NOT .. eat the below menu items at one time in one sitting on one day!

Gullible this is the reason why it has taken me this long to put this Post together.

I speak only for myself. One thing I judge a restaurant on is the job that they do with a plain, simple, very routine dish. I am not interested in the fancy favorites of the Cook / Chef.

The first dish that I ordered at Millie’s was a basic tuna sandwich.

“Show me what you can do with a tuna sandwich Daniel!” ..
DSCN8356[1]Here is Millie’s basic tuna sandwich. You have a choice .. ‘fries’ or salad .. I wanted to test their ‘fries’.
DSCN8346[1]The french fries were absolutely and positively cooked to perfection!
DSCN8347[1]Will you all just look at those ‘fries’. A nice whole wheat roll.
DSCN8348[1]The cost was 10,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 4.91. The tuna sandwich was very good. Excellent.DSCN8349[1]Next up was Millie’s basic, bare-bones, hamburger. I chose a salad with the basic burger.
DSCN8360[1]The basic hamburger was excellent. Cooked perfectly. Good meat.
DSCN8361[1]As with the basic tuna sandwich the cost was 10,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 4.91. The ‘burger’ was excellent.DSCN8362[1]

Two Grand-Slam home runs for the basic tuna sandwich and basic hamburger.

The next item of interest to me on Millie’s Menu were the Huevos Rancheros.*

*Huevos Rancheros .. a Latin American dish of eggs, usually fried or poached, topped with a spicy tomato sauce and sometimes served on a fried corn tortilla with the addition of vegetables and cheese.
DSCN8409[1]Look .. Will You All Just Look at that absolutely perfect toast! Few restaurants can DO toast for me! Forget the main dish. DO good toast .. Do the most basic items well!DSCN8408[1]This was certainly a ‘light’ breakfast. I am ahead of myself here but I now KNOW Millie’s has salsa that is outrageous. Next time I will ask for salsa with the Huevos Rancheros.
DSCN8410[1]The Huevos Rancheros cost 11,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 5.40.DSCN8411[1]“Daniel I can’t believe your special today!” ..DSCN8775[1]“A Chicken Muffalita Sandwich.” ..
DSCN8412[1]“Patti and I ate these down in New Orleans back in December of 2012.”DSCN8414[1]I love the whole wheat rolls that the tuna sandwich also came on.DSCN8416[1]Just looking at the Chicken Muffalita sandwich below is making my mouth ‘water’.DSCN8417[1]The cost of the Chicken Muffalita sandwich was 15,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 7.36.DSCN8420[1]Pancakes .. How are your pancakes Daniel?” .. “Great Cap!”DSCN8471[2]

DSCN8473[1]The cost of the pancakes was 6,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 2.94. Next time I will get two orders! YES! The pancakes were delicious.
DSCN8474[1]I love ‘Club Sandwiches’ so .. next up was a Club Sandwich!DSCN8545[1]
DSCN8549[1]Yes Oh Yes .. The Club Sandwich was phenomenal.DSCN8550[1]
DSCN8554[1]These monster sandwiches or monster hamburgers I eat in layers. How else are you going to eat them? Your mouth is not large enough to fully bite into them. Eaten this way I personally find that they are very enjoyable.DSCN8555[1]The cost of the Club Sandwich was 13,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 6.38. I dare you to tell me where in the U.S. you can get a Club Sandwich like this one for US $ 6.38. Next time I may order two of them.DSCN8556[1]

“Yes ‘Zilla?” .. “I am not 100% positive but I don’t think that anyone cared ‘one-whit’ about me!” .. in answer to your question about my licking the plates. My win-win is when I have a piece of bread or a roll to do-the-job for me. I do try to be a little discrete. I use my finger and then lick my finger.

“Good God Captain! We can dress-you-up but we can NOT take you out!”

I think that the young man below giving me the ‘evil eye’ was thinking to himself ..

“My mother would NOT allow ME to lick MY plate!” ..”Neither would mine Charlie Brown. But she passed-on in December of 1984.” DSCN8418[1]Am I incorrigible?! I just had to photograph him looking over at me.

I love Greek Salads ..DSCN8575[1]
DSCN8574[1]The Greek Salad cost 10,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 4.91. Top THAT back home.DSCN8349[1]Have a Cup of Tea at Millie’s ..DSCN8577[1]What on earth are these mesh ‘stick tea’ bags?  Do you know Gullible?DSCN8578[1]
DSCN8576[1]“The cost of a cup or two or three (I really get my moneys-worth out of tea bags) of Millie’s stick tea was 3,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 1.47 .. Daniel would NOT allow me to pay for the tea.”DSCN8418[1]MY MOTHER WOULDN’T allow me to DO THAT!” .. “Keep getting more and more hot water to use-up the tea sticks!”

Below is a photo of a meal Daniel was eating. It was a daily special .. Chicken and (I don’t know what) ..DSCN8580[2]The cost of the Chicken and (I don’t know what) was 18,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 8.83. Top that back home? I think NOT.

One quick-peek into Millie’s Kitchen ..
DSCN8422[1]How about we have Chicken Burritos at Millie’s?DSCN8776[1]
DSCN8777[1]The salsa is so good it rivals salsa anywhere.
DSCN8778[1]“Daniel I need some more salsa for the second Chicken Burrito.”DSCN8779[1]The below photo does not do the salsa justice but it was my best shot. Oh yes .. It is spicy!  

Excel at making your basic salsa. Do the low-down-basics to perfection and you WIN with me.DSCN8781[1]The cost of the Chicken Burritos was 12,000 Mongolina Tug or US $ 5.89. Sure they were good.DSCN8782[1]“What’s that Gullible?” .. “Where is the CHOCOLATE CAKE  Cap?”DSCN8786[1]
DSCN8783[1]The finish. The top corner .. end and top .. almost solid chocolate icing!DSCN8789[1]The cost of this slice of Chocolate Cake was 4,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 1.97. Was it good? ASK A SILLY QUESTION!DSCN8790[1]The time has come the Walrus said to wrap-this-up.

“What’s that Gullible?” 

Your penance for eating Nastyburgers is to eat JUST ONCE at Millie’s Cafe and then report back to me.

I showed you my basic burger Gullible!
DSCN8360[1]“Oh All Right Gullible!” .. “Here IT is!” .. Millie’s Double Cheeseburger with fixings!DSCN8557[1]

The cost of the Millie’s Double Cheese Burger with ‘fixings’ was 16,000 Mongolian Tug or US $ 7.85.

“Two next time Captain?” .. “I’ll think-on-that!”

“That Cap! Was better than sex!” / SIGNED  / .. Gullible ..
DSCN6265[1]Patti and Gullible have been friends for some Fifty Years and Counting.DSCN6262[1]

Thank you Gullible ..

For recommending Millie’s Espresso to me!

Smiles .. Cap ..

What more can I say or show .. You have to wrap these Posts up sometime! The time has finally come to gently press Publish!

10 thoughts on “APR 13, 16 .. PART 2 OF 2 .. EATING AT MILLIE’S ESPRESSO ..

  1. Patti

    Miffie’s gets FIVE STARS! And, I have often said, “Even YOUR mother would probably be embarrassed at your licking the plates.” Those meals, however, DO look lickin’ good!!! Jeanne will be delighted to finally get this report on Millie’s. Good job! Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      No question about the ***** Five Star Rating. Superb. Outstanding. The Greatest. Beyond The Beyond. THANKS for your valuable contributions during our proof reading this Post. Love .. Cap ..

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Ahhhh. The reviewers on Trip Advisor were right! Food looks wonderful. The chicken with “something else” looks like polenta in the photo. Known as grits in the Deep South. Also called “pap” or “mealies” in Africa–ground corn cooked with water into something resembling thick cream of wheat. Only corn. It varies according to the corn. Thanks for the post. I hear the lemon pie is outrageous!

    1. cap chastain

      That was my bet .. Grits. Next time I am in I will have to ask Daniel to be sure. I will put the lemon pie on the list to check out. Lemon pie is generically a good thing. It was one of four things my beloved mother who was raised with maids and butlers could cook. Home made bread was also one of her four things. I will see about Trip Advisor and leaving a comment with them. I wonder if one can just leave a link such as my website.

  3. Jeanne Follett

    You know, if I were in UB and got hungry for Western food, I would definitely go to Millie’s BUT. I found that while I was there and in Hong Kong, I wanted to eat like the residents there did, except for those gigantic bowls of noodles and soup the Hong Kongers ate for lunch! How can those slender people eat so much?

    By the way, now you can write restaurant reviews at Trip Advisor. You should have fun with that.

    I don’t usually eat Club sandwiches because they are made with processed lunch meat in the US, but your Club at Millie’s looked like real honest-to-goodness chicken breast! Amazing.

    You’re welcome, Cap…..

    1. cap chastain

      Let’s see .. I am counting my fingers and my toes .. I have been on this trip for one full year and five full months +. At some point in time one gets hungry for some of the things that one is used to ‘back home’. Syrup with some Hot Cakes tossed in with the syrup for good measure, Club and Tuna Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Burritos, to name a few. For instance when I get back home to Hong Kong I can’t wait to get some Singapore Rice Noodles. No where in UB can I find SRN and I have tried believe thee me I have tried. Oh My and visit Pho Tai. I can hardly wait for next autumn and my return over here (Hong Kong, India, Mongolia ..). Truth: Without you I would not have found Millie’s! Period! So again thanks.

  4. z

    Friday, April 15, 2016 – noon

    Hi Cap,

    Both your posts, part I and 2 were very interesting – a great led in to Millies and all the lovely meals that you had and enjoyed so thoroughly! You photos of the meals are super nifty – I could just about pick up the lovely double burger and bite into it! Since I have to keep my protein level lower I would probably have a single burger! Ha!

    The only part not to neat is cleaning of the plates – I probably would skip that part of the meal!?!

    I surely enjoy all the photos and the step-by-step effort you take to tell the story! That really is a great way to interesting, clearly, fun, exciting method to let all your friends see in great detail everything in detail – I really do feel that I am walking along with you and can just about smell the lovely aroma of all the food on your plate!! Super nifty!

    Always looking forward to your next adventure!

    As you know the Stanley Cup playoffs are under way! If you like hockey like I do, currently there are about 3 games per day on TV during the first series of playoffs! Unforturately the Kings lost there first game last night 4 – 3 to San Jose Sharks! Our local Reigns start next week; they play two games away and three games at home for best of 5 game series.

    For your forthcoming visit to Apple Valley, Claudia and I will really have to put on a “good spread” to compete with Millies!! Ha!


    1. cap chastain

      Thanks so much for your ‘nifty comment’ ‘Zilla! I see the L.A. Kings are now DOWN 2-0 in games in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs .. The San Jose Sharks so far have the Kings number. Watch your protein level and also other critical issues for you ‘Zilla. Smiles from Mongolia .. Cap ..

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