“Madam Patti! This is a program of honesty!”


“Madam Patti do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God!”

“Ah-h-h .. yes! Honesty is always the best trick.”

“Madam Patti if we are to believe you .. Your Captain seldom stops moving. If we are to believe you he seems never to be idle nor bored. Do you remain of this opinon Madam Patti.”

“Yes. Allow me to present the below case.”

“Captain Oh My Captain .. Only you can assist me here!”

“It’s true that I eat a lot of popcorn.” DSCN8213[1]
DSCN8237[1]It’s true that all of this ‘waste’ I produce bothers me. It’s true that I attempt to utilize all of my waste that I am able to utilize.DSCN8223[1]I use the empty popcorn boxes for ‘thick’ scratch pads (above) and for waste baskets (below).DSCN8106[1]A small problem has arisen with my popcorn box waste baskets. Their little bottoms are not flat. DSCN8857[1]“Thanks Dad! Thanks a lot Dad for turning us upside down and photographing our bottoms. How would you like us to do this to you Dad?”DSCN8855[1]
DSCN8847[1]So because their little bottoms are not flat they are always .. With no end in sight .. Tipping over and spilling out their contents.”DSCN8846[1]

What to do!?

Fix just one of their bottoms. Make just one of their bottoms flat and stable. Just one.

“Bobbsey Alert! I need some of you RIGHT NOW.”

I have filled two of my ‘waste’ jam jars with water. Their thick glass makes them heavy anyway and full of water they are much heavier. You will notice for certain that one of them is very busy holding chop sticks. One chop stick is busy holding a small bottle as it dries out. Busy Bobbseys!
DSCN8861[1]“Yo! Waste pieces of cardboard come on over here I need to put you to good use.”

Notice (top right below) if you will that one is missing a small square piece.DSCN8848[1]
DSCN8842[1]I put an ample spread of glue onto the bottom of the popcorn box waste basket to hold it flat and tight against his about to become square-cardboard-bottom. As the glue set I stacked the two ‘waste’ jam jars full of water inside of him.DSCN8843[1]
DSCN8844[1]Voila! DSCN8850[1]
DSCN8849[1]Do you all see the extra popcorn box waste baskets waiting their turn to be used sitting inside of my new one above.

“I rest my defense.” .. / sign me /  Madam Patti ..

Now my next pro ..

“Madam Patti STOP HIM! We have seen enough. You are absolved of our suspicion of exaggerating the truth. You may step down. Best wishes in dealing with Your Captain!”

Gee I was only going to show you a little ‘sewing project’ ..
DSCN9035[1]The wrist areas of my sweat shirt are showing the effect of some many years of use. A stitch-in-time saves Nine! ..DSCN9036[1]“Well girls .. Did you like the little stories about the popcorn boxes and my sweat shirt?”
DSCN8673[1]“I’m happy you liked them.”

The buses here in Ulaanbaater (УЛААНБААТАР)  can be quite an adventure.DSCN4364[1]
DSCN4349[1]I was on a fairly crowded bus a few days ago. Luckily I had a seat.DSCN8440[1]


Bam! ..

Instant chaos!

The standees went sprawling forward. Luckily we were pulling into a bus stop so were not going all-that-fast.DSCN8649[1]

What to say. I was happy that I had my camera with me.

Wow!  .. Speaking of cameras some of you may recall I inadvertently pulled my camera from the bed to the floor and destroyed him. Lens error the lens would not retract. Dead little camera long live your good photos.
DSCN8088[1]Happily I was able to get a brand new camera to replace my dead camera. This gave me one back up camera.

“By the way ..” I asked the sales clerk where I bought the above camera .. “Do you repair these Nikon Coolpix cameras?”

“NO but we have one center that deals with such matters. Try them. Good luck.”

I did nothing for a few weeks. Then I decided .. “What the heck I will give it a whirl.”
DSCN8679[1]Across Peace Avenue from me ..

Voila ! 
DSCN9034[1]For the small price of 45,000 Tug / US $ 22.08 and about an hour and a half (1-1/2-hr) wait I now have a fully functioning and very happy to be back-from-the-dead Nikon Coolpix.

Before I spoke at a recent meeting I was exploring the local neighborhood near the meeting and I spied the below NOMIN supermarket.DSCN8197[1]“I am hungry. I need something to eat before I stand-and-deliver for two hours.”
DSCN8199[1]Love .. I Just LOVE being able to get some Gatorade when I really need some liquid.

Across from the meeting a pair of wood scavengers were hard at work to get more fire wood from the poor trees who were ‘trimmed’ recently ..

DSCN8166[1]Then (above) and now (below) ..
DSCN8173[1]My Mongolian Cowboy!
DSCN8201[1]“Here we go loop de loop .. Here we go loop de li .. Another meeting.”DSCN8174[1]
DSCN8493[1]“Watch your head Captain!”

DSCN8497[1]“It is so nice to be here this evening. I am honored to have been asked to address you. I first came here to Ulaanbaatar last July the 16th to participate in a weekend retreat with six other members of the fellowship. I am well aware that you here in Mongolia have quite an issue on your hands. We here this evening are the lucky and the few ..”


I can hardly believe that it has now been one full month since I did my two long posts about  ОЛОН ОРНЫ ХООЛ



Do I still go into ОЛОН ОРНЫ ХООЛ .. Yes you had better believe I do! Just last night I visited them all.

Whoa !  

Can I take a photo ?

DSCN8987[1]I don’t know why this is BUT it IS .. I sure get along with the Mongolians .. Click – Click ..
DSCN8990[1]Feast your eyes on their feast ..DSCN8988[1]Not 100% but not bad .. You are my-kind-of-people.DSCN8992[1]MY FEAST ..DSCN8994[1]

Winter is now basically past .. I will never ever forget you my ‘knock kneed dolly’ ..DSCN9742[1]Time for some ’round ball’ on the playground ..DSCN8812[1]
DSCN8816[1]The Best For Last .. DSCN8483[1]

I have one full month remaining here in Mongolia .. I am at a loss for words .. A tear or two .. Yes indeed maybe a tear or two or even three ..

With Joy .. With Love ..


2 thoughts on “APR 17, 16 .. HODGE PODGE .. WHAT ELSE TO CALL THIS POST ..

  1. Patti

    This post IS a hodge podge … but delightfully so: the popcorn box dilemma solved, the sweatshirt sleeves you basted to keep the ravelling under control and your cheering squad of beautiful little girls, the crowded bus that crashed, the resurrection of your old camera being repaired, and so on and so on, ending with the fantastic pictures of the Mongolian man (these pictures are National Geographic worthy!). You do NOT subscribe to ‘idle’. You ALWAYS have a project either underway or in the thinking process!! It certainly keeps not only your life interesting but my life as well. Much love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You My Dear One .. Thank You So Much .. It sure was difficult to leave one full year’s worth of projects at 23 Mercer Street Sheung Wan Hong Kong last December 30th. You were there. And in May I will have to leave these little friends behind as well. Much Love .. Cap..

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