Who among us doesn’t like the little guy.

Finding this tiny little restaurant has really reallytouched a very tender-chord in my heart. I believe that many, if not actually most-of-us, have a special place in our hearts for the little guy. For the underdog. For those who struggle and, in the face of overwhelming competition, still give-it-their-all.

Literally right outside of my door here in Ulaanbaatar I have found what I consider to be one of the penultimate underdogs. A young couple trying to get their teeny weeny tiny little Sun Chicken restaurant off the ground and going strong.

SUBTITLE: Captain where on earth have you been since March the 1st?

This first photo below looks out of my window in the direction of Peace Avenue. You don’t know yet what you are looking at or looking for. Just to the left of the top corner of the building to the lower right is a small BLUE SQUARE. If you look directly up from the SMALL BLUE SQUARE  you will see what we are going to zero-in upon. The point is this: I can see Sun Chicken from my window.
DSCN8924[1]Do you see the tiny orange building directly above the BLUE SQUARE?DSCN8925[1]Below is what the BLUE SQUARE  is. A teeny weeny little shoe repair shop. Another struggling enterprise. My Oh My! We have no idea of how many people in this world are hanging on by their finger tips. MY apartment building is the one in the distance past the shoe repair shop.
DSCN8939[1]A nice close-up photo. Gullible do you see your light beige Sunshine hotel in the background above.DSCN9203[1]Below from above we see the entrance to SUN CHICKEN.DSCN8926[1]Now we have walked out of my apartment onto the street. Do you see our SMALL BLUE SQUARE from ground level? Sun Chicken is hard to see but it is directly behind it in the distance.DSCN8980[1]Below we have ‘got-it-nailed’. Sun Chicken.DSCN8927[1]Right before my very eyes. I have no idea .. I have no clue .. How many times since March the 1st I have walked past Sun Chicken with no realization of it or that it was a restaurant.DSCN8928[1]
DSCN8933[1]This is what happens when you live in a country and do not understand the spoken language. Poor little Sun Chicken has been calling out to me ..

“ДАД  КОМЭ  ИН” .. “DAD COME IN” .. Lord God in Heaven Above THANK YOU! I am having so much fun with the Mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet! 
DSCN8938[1]Leaving my apartment .. Right past Sun Chicken I have been walking.
DSCN8973[1]Coming home to my apartment .. Right past Sun Chicken I have been walking.

“ДАД  КОМЭ  ИН” .. “DAD COME IN” ..DSCN8936[1]Do all of you see Sun Chicken (the small yellow building sticking out) in the extreme lower left of the below apartment building?DSCN9114[1]

The time has come the Walrus said to go inside of Sun Chicken.

“Hi Dulguun! How nice of you to welcome us into Sun Chicken your special restaurant.”
DSCN9334[1]You step through the door and this is what you see.

DSCN9335[1]The Wall-Menu ..DSCN8955[1]We have walked to the above table and turned to our right to see the below view of Sun Chicken.DSCN8959[1]Below are photos of the warming case for roasted whole chickens you see to the right above.
DSCN8948[1]Dulguun above and left below with and Munkjin.
DSCN9046[1]Below Munkjin is cutting a chicken into smaller more edible parts. DSCN9079[2]The price of a whole chicken is US $ 2.70.

DSCN8959[1]Below are views looking out of the above window. Aren’t our eyes miracles. We can see BOTH the inside and the outside at the same time in perfect color and focus. My poor little camera has to make a choice.

“Dad (ДАД)! Either we see inside or we see outside but we can’t do both in the same photo!”DSCN9009[1]Below we are looking out at the exercise area beside the ice skating rink.DSCN9039[1]
DSCN9960[1]In the above photo if we turn to our right we see the below building I showed previously.DSCN9114[1]Sun Chicken is a REAL LOCAL RESTAURANT.
DSCN8959[1]Go to the window above .. Turn around and look back.DSCN8954[1]Peek into the cozy little private dining area above and below.DSCN8956[1]

Food Captain!  Can we please eat something Captain?

Sun Chicken has a modest menu.

DSCN9001[1]They serve two different soups.

This IS a program of honesty. I like hot and super spicy food.

I ‘encourage’ Munkjin (using a little charade action) to MAKE IT HOT AND TO MAKE IT SPICY!

The first soup is a Kimchi (Kimchee / Gimchi ) based Ramen Soup. The Kimchi soup costs US $ 1.47 and the white rice costs US $ 0.34.

It looks hot and very spicy above and in real life below. That is because it IS hot and very spicy. DSCN9228[1]As I wrote in my last Post May 4th .. Western women, small children and sissies would be well advised to just dip the end of a chopstick into the soup to test it first. To go with my soup I order a small bowl of white rice.

The Mongolian word for white rice is .. БУДАА .. pronounced as BUDDAA.

The second soup is Chicken Vegetable Soup. This soup costs US $ 2.70 with rice US $ 0.34.DSCN9081[1]I mix the БУДАА (white rice) into the soup to ‘calm down just a tad’ the spicyness.DSCN9083[1]As you can see to the right in the below photo they put REAL chicken pieces into their Chicken Vegetable Soup!DSCN9085[1]Now to other entrees.

This below meal is like a sweet and sour sesame chicken.DSCN8960[1]Again I order a small bowl of  БУДАА (white rice) to go with this meal. The entree costs US $ 2.21 with rice US $ 0.34.

Does it look good? Let me tell you it IS good.DSCN8963[1]The next three entrees look alike but if you study the photos you will see they differ. All three of them cost US $ 2.70 with the white rice included.DSCN9011[1]Man-O-Manischewitz is Sun Chicken’s food good. Two photos (above and below) of one entree.DSCN9012[1]I think you can see the difference between these two (above and below) entrees.
DSCN9119[1]Munkjin (left) and Dulguun (right) the two of you are so special to me!DSCN8984[1]

The have the most pleasant daughter, Egshiglen.DSCN9415[1]Egshiglen was in the restaurant helping when I snapped these photos. She is currently a student. What a joy to have met her and to have visited with her!DSCN9414[1]

The time has come the Walrus said to leave Sun Kitchen.DSCN8957[1]

We all will be back again to see you and to eat with you.

Cap or КАП .. aka .. Kan Baatar or ХААН БААТАР ..

I keep meaning to ask but I keep forgetting to ask IF Sun Chicken is a franchised chain of restaurants. I would guess that yes it is. Dulgunn said they opened their doors this past January of 2016.

Finally .. Finally I did it. The photos for this Post were spread out over two weeks. Each photo on a memory chip has it own unique number. They were all over my memory chip.
DSCN9336[1]So for a first time ever .. I dutifully wrote down all of their numbers and then entered them into my photo library and then lined each out as I uploaded them into this Post.

5 thoughts on “MAY 6, 16 .. SUN CHICKEN

  1. Patti

    Just goes to show you that you never know what you may discover right in your own immediate neighborhood … in this case a fairly new, family run, great good restaurant. Everything looks delicious. As spicy as you say the red hot spicy soup is though, I might stop at dipping in my chopstick and tasting just the first drop! Another tasty post! Hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Nah YOU could handle the soup with panache:

      A grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; flair: The actor who would play Cyrano must have panache.

      What would I do without Dictionary.Com .. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Eryn

    How wonderful to have found this neighborhood restaurant! The food looks delicious. I really want to try the soup, but knowing how spicy you like your food, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it and enjoy it. What kind of food is this? With kimchi in one of the dishes, it sounds Korean.

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