By now, by this point in my Dubai visit, all of you who are following along with me know that  I have been out-and-about to some degree. I hedge my statement that I have been out-and-about with the phrase ‘to some degree’  because shopping at stores immediately across the street or literally next to my AL FAREJ HOTEL do not really count much as to being out-and-about. To be honest these shopping expeditions have been made out of pure necessity. Either I go out and get water or I die. Either I go out and get rehydration salts or I could be in serious medical condition. Either I go out and get Scotch Brand Tape or I will ___________ ( I am at a total loss for an adjective so I will default to you to add the proper word. I am not sure I would die or get sick without Scotch Brand Tape) ..

“Good going Captain! You had us all worried about the importance of Scotch Brand Tape in your life!”

I have it. I have got it. Thank you Patti My Dear One. You always say, “Bob L always said ‘honesty is your best trick’.” So I just thought of why it was I went-out-after some Scotch Brand Tape.

” Either I go out and buy some Scotch Brand Tape or I risk having my LENOVO laptop come crashing down onto the floor or I risk hurting his electrical supply cord or his power cord input-port.”

“Captain! Enough with the Scotch Brand Tape. There are other brands aren’t there?”

“Yes there sure are many ‘other brands’ and the shops show these other brands to you first. Then when I ask specifically for Scotch Brand Tape they will suddenly ‘find it’ on some deserted shelf or hidden away beneath their cash register.” In my humble opinion, Scotch Brand Tape is the best. Period. The ‘other brands’ are just not as satisfactory.

Right directly across the street from my hotel is the ANSAR BOOK SHOP and STATIONERY store.

Patti!  Notice the names of the two shops .. ANSAR. The little boy CHOTO that I met in 1990 in Agra Cantt India was properly named ANSAR. 


You can see the Scotch Brand Tape in the display case above. Yes he offered me several ‘other brand’ options and I insisted on ‘MY’ Scotch Tape.


“Yes ‘Zilla?” .. “Why did I have to have Scotch Brand Tape?” .. “I really appreciate having you here with me in my head ‘Zilla!”

I either had to stop tripping over Mister LENOVO’s electrical power cord and falling and / or tearing up the power cord or damaging his power cord input port. I used the Scotch Brand Tape to fasten a brilliant yellow-green shoe lace to his electrical power cord so that I can now see it and stop tripping over it when I get up to go to the necessary room which can be quite often. The last time it happened I solemnly promised myself that I had to solve this issue.



And solve the problem I did. I have not yet tripped over the brightly colored cord because I can see it so well.


Mister LENOVO kept screaming, “Ouch Dad! That hurts!” when I would rip the electrical power cord out of his input port.


Quick Aside: Doing all of these Posts is an amazing amount of work taking me literally hours and hours of time. Sometimes I am hot. Sometimes I am not. Right now, this instant, at 4:22AM in the early o’dark o’clock in the morning I AM HOT. Do any of you have any idea of the time it takes to set up the above photos of why I wanted the Scotch Tape?

I put up an 81-photo Post earlier today over on blogspot after I made a 1-Hour ++ out-and-about trip over to the Hyatt Regency Hotel here in my Al Murar Communuty Number 117 in the 91F heat and it very nearly put me away for the count of 10.




The time has come the Walrus said for me to get back to my local stores.

Water, water everywhere .. And not a drop to drink. Within minutes of getting into my room I went out immediately to purchase some ( safe ) bottled drinking water.

When I asked the hotel staff about a store, they smiled and said, “Sir. A supermarket is right next to us.”

And so it is. In the below photo, my AL FAREJ HOTEL is the tall building at the far right.

dscn00811In the immediate foreground of the above photo you can see, not one, but two supermarkets. The below photo looks back from the far end of the above photo.


Photos of each of the two individual supermarkets.



Can you all believe this! The SUNRISE SUPERMARKET is actually shown on the Google map of the area.


As I said in my Post yesterday, the Google map is flawed. Both the Sunrise supermarket and my LA FAREJ HOTEL are ON 2oth NOT on 18th.


I decided NOT to show interior photos of each of the two supermarkets individually. So the following photos are either in one supermarket or in the other supermarket.


The two supermarkets seem to be connected to one another because at the rear there is a passage way between the two of them. Each however has ‘ its own ‘ cashier counter. Go figure.

As you now scroll down the next set of photos, think to yourself as I do to myself ..

These really are SUPER MARKETS !dscn98991

Nice produce.





Below is my ‘ water jug man ‘ .. My very first visit late in the evening of Saturday October the 1st he took-me-by-the-hand in this enormous store right to the water. He then carried the two 5-litre jugs to the cashier for me.


Now get this. He even offered to carry them to the hotel for me for free / no pay Sir.

I have NOT YET gone upstairs to explore what wonders will await me up there.




This  I  just  Love ..


“Sahib! Take my photo please.” .. Sahib is an Indian phrase and Dubai has an enormous Indian population.



Below is my water jug cashier. I have a 2-man water jug team.


One of my supermarket treasures.


Right up there with my supermarkets is my pharmacy.




Proper hydration for me personally is absolutely critical. Life or death actually. When I begin to dehydrate my cognitive thinking just seems to evaporate. In this condition I could randomly wander in front of a truck or bus or risk many other serious consequences.



“Yes ‘Zilla?” .. “How do I pay for all of these things?” ..”Mostly, but not entirely with, cash.”

‘MY’ Bank ATM.


3.65 UAE Dirhams = 1 US $

5 UAE Dirhams = 1.37 US $


10 UAE Dirhams = 2.74 US $


50 UAE Dirhams = 13.70 US $


100 UAE Dirhams = 27.40 US $


200 UAE Dirhams = 54.80 US $


500 UAE Dirhams = 136.99 US $


Well what have I forgotten.

Got it! I have completely forgotten to go to bed tonight.

Whew! Two really significant Posts today, Saturday, October the 8th, 2016.

Well Patti .. Here is another Post for you to proof read.

With Joy .. Cap

6 thoughts on “OCT 8, 16 .. MY LOCAL STORES

  1. cap chastain

    Something is happenin’ here … two shops across from your hotel are named Ansar … Choto’s real name (our little Indian boy in Agra). That book/stationery store is EQUIPPED and so are the two SUPER markets! Nice water clerk that offered to carry your two bottles of water to your hotel room, no charge. Sweet. Interesting to see the UAE money. You ‘may’ yet see the touristy part of Dubai … then again, you may stay content in community 117! Smiles, loves, hugs. Patti

    1. cap

      Thanks My Dear One. One of the first things that I did back in December of 1990 was to find out ‘Choto’ meant small boy and to then learn his ‘real’ name Ansar.

      My Oh My Yes! The stores truly are equipped with so many things it is just great. Plus the employees are indeed so friendly.

      Thanks to You (we) got the money correct as to the conversion rates.

      By now you KNOW that I am big time deep into the more touristy areas of Dubai. It would be a shame to be here in Dubai and not explore more of it than Al Murar my local community.

      Thanks for all of your help and support. Love, Cap

  2. z

    Sunday, October 9, 2016 – 1:00 pm

    Great photos on your other web site – nice to see the shops and of course the Hyatt is a great hotel and good landmark for you!

    A question for you, what is the cost of living in Dhabi vs the States vs HK, i.e. cost of items, food, “stuff”, etc, etc, etc? A little higher than in the States, a lot higher, etc?

    Weatherwise 91 degrees doesn’t seem to high, but I guess the question is, is it very humid? As you know here in the High Desert, we have “mostly” (not always) sunny days but very dry humidity which is not too bad, but the days of 100 degrees with humidity is not a lot of fun! Keep the fluid going – you have a great system under control and taking great care of yourself!


    1. cap

      Happy you are also checking Blogspot. VERY VERY DRY here most of the time. Some humidity but mostly it is parched-dry.

      Costs are higher than in the US in some ways, not in others. Cannot make a blanket statement. Housing (read hotel rooms and apartments) is very much more expensive however. I can stay so much less expensively in the US at Motel 6 as one for instance.

      Thanks as always for your interest and support YOF! Cap

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