In that never never world of psychology and psychological disorders described in the DSM-5 there is an acronym called ODD.

ODD means Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Basically it seems to apply primarily to children. Now I won’t own this diagnosis for myself BUT I will admit that, from time to time, I can/will and do go-against-the-grain when it comes to following certain rules of conduct that I am not going to follow. In polite company it would be termed as being a non-conformist.

Once in awhile, from time to time, odd as this may seem, in spite of myself, I really NAIL SOMETHING.

I am standing in the batter’s box, facing a big time pitcher. I have never ever even gotten a good foul ball off this guy! Here it comes, the pitch is right in the sweet part of the plate.

Keep your eye on the ball Captain. Swing through the pitch. Don’t muff this one! Keep your head down and follow through.

That ball is out of here! A home run!

I was on a tour yesterday. Of all things, the first thing our tour director told us was: This is a walking intensive day. We will be walking from 4 to 5 kilometers today.

I saw the middle aged couple board our bus. He, very crippled. She, doing her utmost to assist him. When I heard our tour director utter the above words, deep down in my heart I felt sad for the two of them.

As our very first attraction began to unfold, I saw there was no-way-in-hell that the gentleman could keep up. He walked with obvious pain and kind of swung his hips from side to side like one leg was shorter than the other. It hurt me just to watch him.

So I made a decision. I decided that (Is it possibly just a little bit of ODD when I think to myself, and with some vengeancedamn the tour attractions and the briefings, piss on the group) I was going to miss what was being said and I was going to walk just behind the two of them so they would not feel so isolated and so alone. So they would not feel so guilty that they were, to some extent, holding the group back.

It took only a short time until the two of them saw what I was doing. We three bonded. They continually kept saying to me how much it meant to them to have me with them.

They said, “You are so kind.”

I said, “No I am not kind. I do however understand what you are up against.”

He on the left in the plaid shirt. She on the right in the top with vertical stripes.

Piss on the group. Piss on the tour. I am sticking with these kind and gentle folks. I was in no way dogging them by being right on their heels. No! They had lots of personal space.


The rest of the tour group? Up-the-block. Out-of-sight. Now there is nothing wrong with that. Young, active, brimming with health, why should they allow themselves to be held-back! And neither could our tour director allow my friends to cause the entire group to be delayed from seeing the attractions they had paid good money to see.

In The Dubai Mall. We three just slowly working our way along.


They asked for the below photos.



I asked for the below photo.


I am 80-years. He is 54-years. He has been overtaken by Multiple Sclerosis.

Had I fully joined the tour. Had I fully participated in the tour. In one week, maybe even today at this moment, I would not remember what was said.

I will never ever forget the bond we three achieved.

“You done good my little Captain.”  / s /  God

To feel good? Do good!


And now .. The Rest Of The Story ..

I now have two good friends from IRAN !

8 thoughts on “OCT 12,16 .. TO FEEL GOOD .. DO GOOD

  1. cap chastain

    Left a comment on your other site saying essentially “good on ya My Dear Captain for making this couple from Iran your focus on this tour … brought me to tears.” They are a very gentle looking couple and I salute their courage and their decision to ‘get on with life’ as it has been dealt to them. Amazing. You choose wonderful people to latch onto! Love and hugs. Patti

  2. cap

    I will not get into the higher power theology here BUT I have to wonder just why I latched onto them. I will never forget them. He was so courageous to push on. He said at the end of the day he was absolutely exhausted. We had a nice parting farewell as we waved good bye for the last time in this lifetime. Just a touch of my ability to say to myself I am going to do what is the right thing to do here. Much Love, Thanks for your comment, Cap

  3. Kit

    So often the experience is in the moment. What a special time this was with the couple you befriended. Your story of your day made me smile. I am enjoying your trip, and I thank you for that. Love my postcards too. Stay well. Fondly, Kitty

    1. cap

      To truly BE IN THE NOW is so powerful. NOT to think back (having done nothing) and think, “I wish that I would have helped the handicapped couple.” Thanks so much for your interest Kitty. So far I have not even seen post cards here. Smiles and Joy, Cap

  4. z

    Thursday, October 13, 2016 – 1:00 pm So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    That’s a great gesture to assist them along – and especially on a long walking tour! A big super nifty “right thing” to do!! Obviously you surely made their day and, naturally your day, as you are that kind of a guy to help anywhere and anytime!!


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