NOV 15, 16 .. RAS AL KHAIMAH .. A WALK (PT 1 / 3)

Good Morning. Good morning from my hotel room as I gaze out upon Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.


Panning from my view looking out of my hotel window to the left (above) and then to the center (below). The giant National Flag of the United Arab Emirates dominates my view.


Panning from the center (above) to the right (below).


In the next photos below, looking to my left, the warm tones of the morning sun are pronounced.



A very nice way to begin my day.

Today I took a walk. Today I took a very VERY long walk. I was out over six hours. I walked more than a few miles. Here we go with photos of my walk.

Below is a photo of my Ras Al Khaimah Hotel showing the front of the hotel.


Walking down the hill as I began my walk, I snapped a few photos of my hotels’s backside. This is the side my new room is located on.dscn90591



I don’t know how far I am going to get in this Post showing you photos of my long walk, but I will now begin with a map. My first visit was to the Ras Al Khaimah International Marine Sports Club. Note also the UAE National Flag is shown on the map.


The National Flag is really a prominent sight here in Ras Al Khaimah.






Moving along, below you see my hotel and the Mosque Shaikh Zayed my next stop.


The first two photos of the mosque were taken from the Marine Sports Club.


You simply cannot escape the UAE National Flag (or its pole).


Now I move up close to the mosque.


In the below photo, one of the four minarets has disappeared behind the front minaret.


There it is! We missed you above.








I find the mosques so very photogenic!

One reason I went on my long walk was because I wanted to see, up close and personal, I wanted to get-to-know, some of the buildings I see from my hotel room window.

Look for the third building, the prominent blue building, to the left of the flag.



I am now, in the photo below, on foot walking. There you are Mister Blue Building.



You have a name! You Sir! You are no longer Mister Blue Building. You Sir are the Commercial Bank of Dubai.


On I stroll. Nice day. High 80’s. Cool day. The below monument sits in the center of a traffic circle.



I walked back to snap the above and below photos AFTER I saw the monument within the center of the traffic circle I showed above.


How fitting! The Scales-Of-Justice.




“Dad! Did you have to snap the below photo that shows me in a most un-dignified posture! I look so ordinary.”  / sign me /  The Mosque Shaikh Zayed.


Believe it or not! At this point I was just over one full hour into my walk.

“What? Do I see up the block what I think that I see!”


I am ‘squinting’ hard to make it out. I am going to walk on up the street and check it out.











I know! I KNOW! I could have shown three maybe four photos BUT I called Patti from the Subway and we had a nice, long, visit.

I began by saying, “You will never guess where I am and what I am doing. Do you want some hints My Dear One?”

“I am inside a restaurant. It is a national chain. Probably my most favorite.”

Patti squeeled! “You are in a SUBWAY!”

So I wanted Patti to see where I was and to see my 6-inch Tuna Sub.

Yes! Oh Yes Indeed! My Sub was wonderful. I did not get a ‘footlong’ because it was so hot outside and I did hot want to feel stuffed.

“Oh give us a break Captain! When, name just one time, did one ‘footlong’ ever make you feel stuffed? “

Here we go loop de loop .. Here we go loop de li .. Photos of Ras Al Khaimah. I am now into the second hour of my long walk.

My mission now? To get to the water. I want to see the beach area of Ras Al Khaimah.



I won’t quibble about spelling here. Scheherezade / Shaharazad is a famous legend that I love. “Tell me a story please Scheherezade!”





I love their mini-green strips. In the below photo, in the distance on the far upper right, notice the group of buildings. I wonder IF they thought that they could hide from me. Keep scrolling down.



Gotcha! I see you! You can’t hide from me!

On the right side of the beige and green building in the below photo, out in the distance, you can see the back side of a group of  buildings I have just mentioned above that I see from my hotel room and that I am out on my walk today to find and to see up close.


In the photo above, you are seeing just a partial glimpse of the back side of the below eight buildings that I am seeing from my hotel room window.


You lads are simply too large and too prominent to hide from me!


I snapped the above photo about four hours later as I was heading home to my hotel after my long, very long, loop around the downtown area of Ras al Khaimah.

Back to the second hour of my walk.



Just like in Dubai. Communities are shown on some of the street signs.


A yellow school bus. Just like we have.


There is the school!


Why is it some of us in the West don’t seem to think that these people here ‘have it together’?



It sure looks like a very large school.


In the below photo, do I see the water of the Arabian Gulf out there at the end of the school grounds?dscn91421

Stay tuned Sports Fans for tomorrow’s Post.

Smiling .. Cap

2 thoughts on “NOV 15, 16 .. RAS AL KHAIMAH .. A WALK (PT 1 / 3)

  1. patricia boone

    Ras Al Khaimah is quite a city! A six-hour walk … I caught you on the phone (my last night) just as you came into your room from the outing and you were somewhat out of breath and sounding understandably tired. I felt tired after seeing on your post the territory you covered! You have me tempted with your last photo … looking forward to seeing the water. The map at the beginning called your first stop the Water Ski Club and you called it the International Marine Sports Club … or were there two different attractions? Liked the post and loved it that you found one of your SUBWAY’S!!! Love, Patti

    1. baba kaps

      Well? I have to keep you coming back to these Posts don’t I? I was positive that you, you at the top of the list of all who are following along here, would want to know IF I found the Arabian Gulf or just a puddle of water at the end of the road with the school. It was the perfect place to end this first Post of my walk.

      The Google Map called it the Water Ski Club. Photos 10-12 call it the International Marine Sports Club. I have to assume it is one and the same venue. So I went with what the Club calls itself.

      Loved the SUBWAY. I love you too. Cap

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