JAN 21, 16 .. MORE GOOD NEWS ..

Yesterday I reached, and I conquered, a very important milestone in my recovery process.

During my recovery from hip replacement surgery, Patti has done 100% of the driving of our truck.

I have done some, let me call it, ‘ trial driving ‘ in our GMC Suburban truck that we call ‘ Black Beauty ‘.

As you can see below, Black Beauty is quite large.


“Captain?” .. “Yes?” .. “Rain in Arizona?” .. “Oh My! Yes Indeed!”


“Captain? Exactly what do you mean by ‘ trial driving ‘?”

‘ Trial Driving ‘

By The Numbers ..

1. First, a few weeks ago, I learned that I could successfully get into, and get out of, the drivers seat. This was my first step in the resumption of driving. To you it would seem to be nothing more and nothing less. But to me it felt very nice to sit in the driver’s seat and dream about driving, trust me!

2. Next, a week or so later, I did a very short spin in a large and remote parking lot, during the middle of the day, with only one other car in the vicinity. Patti had gone into a building. While she was away, I successfully moved our truck very close to where she would exit the building.

Patti was very surprised to see me behind-the-wheel in our truck waiting for her.

3. The next day I repeated the same process (driving our truck in a parking lot) a second time BUT, it was at night, in a parking lot full of cars. I had to maneuver Black Beauty out of a tight parking place without hitting another vehicle (beside and behind me) and drive to a location close to where Patti was exiting a building.

4. Last Tuesday the 17th I asked my Doctor,

“Can I drive my truck?”.

He said, “Sure, no problem, IF you feel you can do so safely. It will not affect your hip so long as you don’t over extend the guidelines you have been following to protect it.”

5. Wednesday, and again Thursday, with Patti in the passenger seat and me behind the wheel, during the middle of the day in real traffic, I drove to and from two meetings.

6. Yesterday, Friday, by myself with Patti remaining in our hotel room watching the inauguration of our President, in heavy rain with real traffic, I drove to a meeting. After the meeting, I found an Auto Parts Store as well as a Locksmith Shop and then I found and visited two libraries here in the Scottsdale area. I also found a Chinese Restaurant a friend had recommended to me. This was a lot of driving, in rainy conditions, with Friday afternoon traffic.

A photo of the Scottsdale Arizona Arabian Pubic Library.


Driving home to our hotel.



Right across the street from our hotel is an enormous shopping center, the Scottsdale Promenade. It has a unique spire that serves us as a landmark.

In the photo below, in the distance, you can see the spire.

DSCN3609[1]A closeup look at the Scottsdale Arizona Promenade Shopping Center Spire.

Two other photos of the spire taken previously.



I was out for five full hours during my outing yesterday.

This was an enormous milestone in my recovery process.

Now that I can drive, Patti and I are thinking about a real ‘Road Trip’ this upcoming week.

Weather permitting, on Tuesday the 24th we hope to drive from Phoenix Arizona (right balloon) to Laughlin Nevada (center balloon). Spend a few days in Laughlin Nevada and then maybe drive to Apple Valley California (left balloon).

Both of us are smiling .. Patti and Cap

2 thoughts on “JAN 21, 16 .. MORE GOOD NEWS ..

  1. Tandy Wallack

    Hi Cap and Patti,
    Just read your updates and so nice to hear such good news for both of you. You have the rain and we have the snow ….lots of it.
    Happy driving

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