What a way to greet, and to kickoff, the month of June. Gadzooks!

Basically, with a rare exception here and there, that being when I have used my very own little Apple, iBook G4 laptop, that I purchased in March of (yes) 2005, until I purchased Mr. Lenovo last September of 2016, I have always used Library and other commercially or personally owned computers (Internet Cafes, Patti’s desk top in Anchorage, Andrej’s amazing setup (etc et al) that have been available for me to use to write and to publish Posts.

“That is quite a sentence Captain!” / signed / Patti


So this! Whenever I have had problems and / or issues of any sort, I have simply gone to an employee of the Library or the Internet Cafe or called Dell Service on their 800-number and asked for / and received assistance.

Libraries and Internet Cafes have the perfect solution.

“Sir! We will switch you to another computer!”

If, of course, they have another computer available. From time-to-time problems are because of Internet Server Problems and there is NO solution available locally. This I understand and have to live-with.

No, I may be dumb, but I am NOT stupid. There is a difference between dumb and stupid. Over the years, when I remember to do so, and memory IS now a problem with me, I have learned the one great solution to many / if not most computer issues.

Perform A  Re-Start !!

Then if that fails, check and double check and yes even triple check your internet connection. Sometimes your computer ‘shows’ you are connected when, in fact, you are NOT connected. So you turn off the Wi-Fi and start over again.

Today, just now, I had a, unique-to-me, first ever ever EVER certain issue with a computer.

Andrej .. Gullible .. anyone out there who really knows computers ..

How can you Perform A Re-Start when you can NOT NOT NOT turn your computer on?

“What’s that Crocodile Dundee?” .. “Now that’s a problem Mate!”

I sighed, I swore, I strode the floor (Robert W. Service, from The Ballad of Salvation Bill.) I felt I would go mad!

Having had Mr. Lenovo for a little over 8-full months and counting, I know what his On / Off Button ‘feels like’ when I push it. There is a certain soft ‘give’ as I gently push it in.

“What do do?”

Its like you lose your keys, lose your wallet, you keep obsessively and compulsively going through your pockets KNOWING they are not in any pocket.

I kept pushing, and pushing, and pushing-some-more against my On / Off Button.

No luck. It was like I was pushing at an immovable, hard, surface. No give.

“What to do?”

“Oh for Goodness’s Sakes Captain! You are on-line! We KNOW you got it solved! Get on with it Captain.”

“Ah-h-h shut up mind. What would I do without you up there, always on my shoulder, trying to pick-me-apart?”

“Captain Oh Captain. We are never going to leave Pueblo, Colorado. At the rate you are going Captain we are going to live our life out here in this room.”

“Ask me if I care. I am really .. REALLY LOVING IT HERE in Pueblo, in Colorado, IN THE BY-GOSH WEST.”

I looked carefully at the On / Off Button. Then I took Mr. Lenovo out and put him onto the hood of Black Beauty to photograph this adventure.

Below you can see his On / Off Button is sort of rectangularly / elliptical in shape.

Because his On / Off Button is recessed and it is difficult to turn him on and off with a finger, I use a cutoff, carefully rounded and flattened off, wooden toothpick to turn Mr. Lenovo on and off. I carefully press my toothpick against the little white dot you see in the center of his button in the photo above.

So instead of pushing on his white dot, I pushed on the extreme right edge of the On / Off Button and VOILA (vwah-lah), Mr. Lenovo sprung-to-life. His On / Off Button had somehow gotten stuck.

“Nice work-around Cap.” / signed / Andrej

Just For Today, Happiness Is :  Getting Mr. Lenovo turned on and back to work.

OK hot-shot. YOU just try to live YOUR life with an overactive manic mind. I am doing very well thank you, right here and in the now. I will NOT come unglued, I refuse to panic or begin to rush to get out of Pueblo and back to Hong Kong and Mongolia. What is going to be, is going to be. I feel that God’s Will for me today is to just cool-it. In a few hours the first game of the NBA (National Basketball Association) FINALS will tip-off between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland, California. I want to be in tip-top condition to watch the game with Patti (who will be watching in Anchorage, Alaska).

Computers? Sigh!

Enough said.


2 thoughts on “JUN 1, 17 .. COMPUTERS .. MINE .. HERE WE GO LOOP-DE-LOOP AGAIN ..

  1. patricia boone

    Maybe Mr. Lenovo just wanted some fresh air … and taking him out to the hood of the Suburban brought him back to life!

    WHATEVERRRRRR … I am happy for you that he sprang to life and is humming away again. Now, on to the NBA Championship Finals, Game #1. Smiles, love. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      All in a day with a computer. It really threw me for a loop for awhile. He and Black Beauty got a big kick out of the photo shoot.

      Game 1 of the NBA Finals is about to tip-off. Love, Cap

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