This Post is dated Tuesday the 27th of March. I am writing it late Monday (almost 12-midnight) evening the 26th.

I just called Yuma, Arizona, and cancelled our reservation for Tuesday the 27th. We were planning on going to Yuma for a 5-night stay.

Last Saturday I came down with a severe case of (what I believe was) food poisoning. I got it (I am assuming this of course) either from Hummus I ate for breakfast (Patti did not eat any of it at all) or from donuts that I ate at a noon meeting (Patti ate a donut with me).

Unusual for food poisoning it came on me slowly. I was feeling so badly that I could not even watch my Alma Matar, the University of Michigan, play their ‘Elite Eight’ game against Florida State in March Madness. By late Saturday I was vomiting and had blast diarrhea. Sick as I could be. I survived and slept a lot of the day Sunday. Sunday night I was able to go with Patti and eat at an Outback Steakhouse. I survived that and slept well last night.

Yesterday, Monday morning, I told Patti : “I wonder IF I should have any hummus?”

Patti said, “It’s your call.”

So I ate some hummus. And I am not sick.

BUT Patti did eat some hummus, one dab on one Triscuit Biscuit.

Late yesterday (Monday) afternoon Patti was stuck down with what I had Saturday evening and into Sunday.

Only far worse. Horrific vomitting and diarrhea, both going on for a prolonged period of time. Up and sick, back to bed, up again and sick, back to bed and repeating this cycle.

Patti is really wiped-out. I have never ever seen her so sick unless it was from her gall bladder attacks back some years ago that took us to the Emergency Room.

Not a good situation at all.

Is this some kind of ‘bug’ going around I wonder and not food posioning?

Will keep you all up-to-date. We so appreciate your following along with us.


2 thoughts on “MAR 27, 18 .. TWO VERY SICK PUPPIES

  1. tom

    Sorry to hear this. Sounds like a flu bug? Hope it is getting better. Almost no help for flu, other than time. Call us when you can !

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