The night-before-last, let’s call it August the 23rd, when Patti came to bed, she discovered that the carpet next to her side of the bed in our master bedroom was very wet.

We called the firm that manages the condominium where we live and also contacted the general contractor who does their work for residents.

Out came the contractor.

The news : There is a leak in the plumbing within the walls and you are seeing the results thereof.

The fix : We had to get everything out of the bedroom. Pictures off the walls etc et al so the contractor can get inside of the walls of our bedroom to dry them up. The carpet will also have to be shampoo-cleaned after it dries out. To do this, the massive, wooden, built-in, bed frame and mattress will both have to be taken out of the bedroom.

Here is what it looks like now, and will look like for the next week or more.

Our mattress, upon which we normally sleep, is standing up against the wall because the wooden frame that is the headboard for the bed (the white wooden structure on the bed) had to go someplace. It was most practical to just rest it upon the bedframe.

Patti and I now plan to head North for Manley Hot Springs possibly this upcoming Monday the 27th of August. There we will have a nice home-away-from-home to sleep in for the next few weeks.

Under the carpeting in the corner (the bulge you see in the photo below) is a fan to dry the carpeting. It will run 24-hours a day until things dry-up.

Allow me to tell you all it was a real job to get everything out of the bedroom. We had two sets of book-shelves, one on each side of the bed, stacked to their maximum capacity full of books. Not to mention the headboard cabinet.

Below is a photo of what our living room now looks like. One of the (now empty) bookshelves is in the center background below.

Life hands you a lemon. Make Lemonade out of it. Go North to our other home 160-miles from Fairbanks.

Still Smiling .. It sure beats a major flood in which one’s entire home is lost. Not to mention the horrific fires buring in various states.

Patti and Cap

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