It is truly AMAZING the wisdom in this acronym : H.A.L.T ..

Hungry Angry Lonely Tired.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, not in focus, stop .. H.A.L.T ..

To assist yourself to maintain your emotional balance look at this wisdom..

Am I Hungry.. Am I Angry.. Am I Lonely.. Am I Tired.

Last night when I went to bed I thought to myself.. Can I, will I be able to manage one more trip downtown to the post office to mail yet more post cards. Then maybe buy some more post cards and stamps. Or should I just mail them at my beloved local post office?

Last night I was TIRED.  I’d lost my perspective due to fatigue.

The issue to H.A.L.T is you MUST have the cognitive ability to self-analyze how you are feeling. When you are tired / exhausted often you can’t decide that you are tired beyond belief. All you know is : You’re overwhelmed / stressed out and think the world is about to end. I personally do pretty well with this issue. I take a lot of naps.

This morning after yet another wonderful, toasty, roasty, warm sleep the above issue has disappeared. I am truly blessed with my physical ability to really sleep soundly.

Riding the bus downtown is really no-big-deal so long as I don’t fall down and injure myself and THAT is a risk. But today I’ve actually gotten a lot of my packing accomplished. Translation : I’ve actually begun the process. And I’ve several days left to finish and I WILL NOT LET UP on my momentum. It’s only money. I’ll but more post cards. IF I don’t get them all written I’ll take them to the U.S. and send them with U.S. stamps and use the Mongolian stamps as seals on letters. Writing YOU a post card relaxes me. All I have to do is NOT let the writing of them get-in-the-way of my packing-out.

Don’t sweat it.

Now press publish and get on with today. For me it IS : Tuesday the 3rd of December 2019. For you and the date of this post it is still Monday the 2nd of December.

Smiling .. Cap and because I’m smiling so too is Patti.

P.S. By publishing this post early in my day it will be off-my-mind. A great move.

4 thoughts on “DEC 2, 19 .. AMAZING .. FOUR LETTERS .. H.A.L.T.

  1. Patricia Boone

    H.A.L.T. is so important. Eat. Drink liquids. Pause. Take some deep breaths. Focus. Do a post, text or call someone. Get rest, both naps and sound sleep. Glad you are making progress with your packing. Only you can decide whether or not you feel up to going downtown. Pretty early to get a post done already today! Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I’ve revised my category listing to call it H.A.L.T. with periods instead of HALT. I am rocking and I am rolling today. As YOU SO WELL KNOW My Dear One. And as you so well know, I do monitor my emotional balance. Much Love. Cap

  2. Gullible

    The postcards are wonderful, carefully chosen and very appreciated. I have received several from you recently. And the stamps are divine! Thanks, Cap.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank you for your post card observations. At least one more should be in-the-pipeline to you. Happy you like them. Yes the stamps are amazing. Totally different ones are coming with my last mailing before I leave Mongolia.

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