You’re getting two-posts here for the price-of-one.

DEC 3, 19 here to begin followed by DEC 2, 19.

Mister Samsung A10, IF you’re so smart, why didn’t YOU TELL ME or, at least SAY SOMETHING.

I just got home from a run downtown to mail YOU a post card and to purchase some more post cards along with additional stamps YOU’VE not yet seen. I took the bus down and back.

Amazing. Absolutely Positively Amazing how often I get a seat. Asia seems to really honor age and infirmity (me and my cane).

I am in my seat.

Between my knees and the seat ahead of me (please re-read this : A person is squeezed into the space between the front of my knees and the seat ahead of me) is one person with another person overlapping us both. In the first photo I am looking straight forward so you can’t see the overlapping person above.

Now I am looking up and you see the overlapping person. His elbow is practically in-my-face.

These folks are never too far from their smart phones. Do you see it in her right hand?

This is how it would look without smash-jam crowding.

While I am at it, below are photos of my beloved, long, blue, articulated-configuration buses.

I am not being sarcastic when I say my beloved long blue buses. You can enter them through several doors and this is a great advantage.

And off yonder he rolls.

Below is a normal bus. Everyone has to enter the front door.

Now I’m home safe and sound. I texted Patti : I am home. I am IN. I am SAFE. I am SOUND. Much Love. Cap

Having sent the above text, I figured that Patti will call me and so I’m sitting with both Little Nokia and Mister Samsung in my hands waiting for Patti’s incoming call. 

Sure enough the phone begins to ring. 

With God Almighty as my Witness to this ridiculous event, I began to attempt to answer the incoming call on Samsung A10.  

With God Almighty as my Witness I did everything known-to-mankind and known-to-me to answer Samsung A10. All the while the ringing continued. Patti KNOWS to let it ring. Nothing worked. I even turned him off and back on. 

Then the ringing stopped.

Then I noticed on Little Nokia that I had a missed call. 

Do all of you get-it?

It was Little Nokia ringing NOT Samsung A10!

The very least you would think that a smart phone could do would be to say to me : “Dad! Answer Little Nokia! He’s the one ringing not me Dad!”

“Dad! You’re giving me a bad-rap Dad! It’s not my fault you tried to answer the wrong phone Dad!” /s/ Samsung A10

And some of you think that I, your Captain, have-it-all-together.

Truth IS stranger than fiction!

Smiling Cap..

Patti doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

I just dropped the above post in-on-top-of my below DEC 2, 19 post so it will be easy for you to completely miss the DEC 2, 19 post. Below is its link..

Or just keep scrolling down to get to DEC 2, 19.


  1. Patricia Boone

    You made me chuckle again reading this! Mr. Samsung A10 was being as still as he could be so that you might know it was not him that was being called! He can do a lot .. but he cannot point to your other phone!! Quite a crush on that bus. Those long blue buses are l – o – n – g . Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes it was on-me and not on Samsung. Too funny. It was odd and frustrating when I could NOT answer a ringing phone knowing it was from you. Oh yes the long blue buses are truly l-o-n-g. Much Love .. Cap

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