DEC 19, 19 .. GOOD NEWS

Tomorrow, Friday the 20th, I have an appointment with a Doctor (with a good reputation) to discuss my ‘leg situation’.

Odd. Makes even me wonder.

Like I say : You Believe. You Don’t Belive. There is no in between.

Today I had an appointment with a skin dermatologist about some ‘skin’ issues. As Patti and I were leaving the building Patti said to me : “Why don’t we check with my Orthopedic Doctor (located in the same building) to see IF they could fit-you-into-their-schedule?”

So we did. And (as we expected) after asking about scheduling, we were told, “the Doctor is booked way-out.” I said we’ll take any appointment and then work with you on cancellations.

“How about tomorrow morning at 10:45AM?”

Patti and I nearly fell on the floor!

Smiling ..

Cap and Patti



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