Today Patti had her appointment with a pulmonary ( lung ) specialist at the Mayo Clinic. This was an important visit, ranking third behind her challenges with the Barrett’s Esophagus (far and away the most critical issue during this visit to the Mayo Clinic) and her back / spinal discomfort. As seems to be the ‘norm’, again we were extremely impressed with the medical attention Patti received during her appointment.

First thing tomorrow morning (we’ll leave our motel at 6:15am to be on time for a 7am check in) we head for the Mayo Clinic where Patti will undergo a pulmonary function test and examination aimed at determining the true cause of Patti’s recent bronchial / coughing challenges. For one thing, we hope to put to rest the question of whether or not Patti has some form of COPD. One of her primary care physicians diagnosed this lung condition and another said Patti did NOT have COPD. 

On the fun-side-of-things, this morning, before our afternoon Mayo appointment, we purchased tickets to see the Chicago Cubs play the Oakland Athletics on Saturday, February the 22nd, here at their (the Cubs) home spring training site Sloan Park here in Mesa, Arizona, a city immediately adjacent to Tempe, Arizona, where we are staying. 

We also enjoyed a wonderful visit this afternoon with several of our great friends here and attended two meetings. 

Over And Out For Now.

Cap and Patti 

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