DEC 11, 14 .. WHAT IS GOD’S WILL ..

Deep breath .. Long Pause .. Bye Gullible .. I just saved you some time with the title so you know you don’t have to nor will you even want to read this Post.

I believe that God’s will for me is .. WITH DISCERNMENT .. to do what is in front of me to be done.

I add that wonderful Jesuit term DISCERNMENT .. because I need to think carefully (With DISCERNMENT!) about whatever it is I am looking at doing or not doing and not just jump into things willy-nilly.

Now let’s look briefly at Euphoric and Euphoria.

Thank You WIKIPEDIA .. I am so happy to financially contribute to you annually.

Euphoria (/juːˈfɔəriə/; from Ancient Greek εὐφορία, from εὖ eu, “well”, and φέρω pherō, “to bear”) (semantically opposite of dysphoria) .. is medically recognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, excitement and joy.

I have been medically diagnosed as being either Bi-Polar or Uni-Polar Manic. To do some of the things that I have been blessed to do in this lifetime takes a certain phenomenal energy.

When I was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps I went back to University get my Civil Engineering Degree. For three years I worked up to three jobs at a time .. lived in THE PROJECTS in the inner City of Detroit .. had a wife and two sons one of whom was born while I was in school in 1962 .. slept up to four hours a night .. graduated at the top of my Civil Engineering Class and at or near the top of the Engineering School (which includes all of the engineering programs .. Civil .. Electrical .. Mechanical .. Industrial .. ) and had three scholarships to assist me. I took up to seven (7) engineering courses per semester.

I firmly believe that when I am in a place (Geographic or Spiritual or Mental or Physical) that God intends for me to be .. I experience one of my unbelievable euphoric states-of-mind. At these times I have THIS INCREDIBLE FEELING THAT ALL IS WELL WITH GOD AND WITH MYSELF!

And right now .. this instant .. and for the past several months .. I have been enjoying one of these euphoric episodes.

“Welcome to Hong Kong Captain!” ..

“Oh Hi God of Abraham!” ..

“Are you having a good time here in Hong Kong Captain?” ..

“Silly of YOU to ask me God! YES I am having one of those times of my life when I feel I am where you want me to be because everything in my life seems to be just FLOWING so perfectly! EVERYTHING .. Oh God of Abraham!” ..

“Great Captain! Stay awhile longer Captain!”

I came here scheduled and all set-to-leave on Monday November the 24th.  I extended my stay until December 2nd .. Then I extended my stay until December 9th .. Then I extended my stay until December 15th.

Sitting in a 7:45AM meeting here in Hong Kong this morning .. a few hours ago .. at St. Joseph’s Church .. I was suddenly OVERWHELMED ..


Did I just write that I was OVERWHELMED .. As in I was very quietly and oh so gently OVERWHELMED .. What I meant to write was ..


I was OVERWHELMED ! .. With the feeling .. That I have got to stay here in Hong Kong longer.  This is not my time to leave.  Something beyond me is calling me to extend my stay yet again! I do not feel complete yet with this visit to Hong Kong.


After the meeting I slowly walked down from St. Joseph’s Church past the Victoria Peak Tram Entrance ..


IF you are interested in the Victoria Tram I just published a Post covering it at .. bobba caps doxology .. over at blogspot.

So continuing my thoughts from above after I passed the Victoria Peak Tram entrance I continued down the hill and past the wonderful Hong Kong Park all the time enjoying the absolute magnificence of downtown Hong Kong.


And all the while .. as my buddy ‘Zilla loves to say .. to use one of ‘Zilla’s favorite terms .. I had a LITTLE CHIT-CHAT with God.  I used a little DISCERNMENT.  I can see no reason not to stay a little longer here in Hong Kong. What would be the harm. In this really great euphoric mood I am in why not keep it flowing. So I caught the MTR at Admiralty Station ..



Got off at Tsim Sha Tsui ..


And BAM! GOD suddenly .. with no warning .. put three very special people into my life.

(I am so happy that I forewarned Gullible to stay away from this Post!  She is such a special friend it would be so unfair to blindside her with all of this God Stuff!)

(WHAT! .. You tuned in here Gullible! You say that My PROBLEM IS that these meetings I go to are sometimes IN Churches and when I get close to a Church the problems begin. Ah-h-h-h I will definitely .. with DISCERNMENT .. consider this Gullible!)

I am just doing my thing .. standing in line at the MTR service center .. minding my business .. harming no one ..

“Step right up Sir! How may I assist you Sir! No Problem Sir! I will add 100 HKG Dollars each to your two Octopus Cards Sir! Have a GOOD DAY SIR!”


As I stepped away from the MTR service counter here the three of them came at me with guns blazing!


“Sir! Can you help us Sir? We are lost Sir! Can you please tell us how we can get to the Star Ferry Terminal Sir! We so badly want to ride a Star Ferry Sir!” .. Lord God they hit me hard in one of my vulnerable places!  My beloved Star Ferries! Is this fair-play Oh God of Abraham?


Dave is the gentleman and Dave was last in Hong Kong in 1984 and was absolutely twisted up with the MTR and the changes in Hong Kong since 1984. One of the girls is Dave’s wife Dolores and the other girl is her sister. All live in the (Thank You God for GOOGLE and for WIKIPEDIA to help me spell words!) Philippines.


“I will walk the three of you to the Star Ferry Pier.  Then I will pay the fare for the three of you on the Star Ferry. I hope you have a great day and a great visit to Hong Kong all three of you!”

The three of them were very happy and grateful. I suggested that they just pay-it-forward.  David got that clearly. Said he would do so.

It is so simple isn’t it?


And I grabbed my beloved 5c bus ..



Back to the HOMY INN ..


When it is God’s will things just flow for me.  Back here at the HOMY INN I called Jet Airways to discuss changing my departure date from Hong Kong to New Delhi. This being God’s Will things will really flow since I think God wants me here in Hong Kong.

I did NOT book my flight from Hong Kong to Delhi directly with Jet Airways. Orbitz had a fare that I could not pass up so I booked with Orbitz.  I never do this because making changes is horrible when you have not booked directly with an airline.

Prior to today’s contact with Jet Airways I had successfully managed to have Jet Airways make the above three changes. (Nov 24th to Dec 2nd to Dec 9th to Dec 15th)

Today I got an agent that said NO we cannot and we will not change your reservation. You booked with Orbitz and you must change with Orbitz. I said but YOU Jet Airways have done this for me three times before.  This agent came right back at me saying it is against their policy. I did have this lady find me a date when my booking fare code coincided with a seat available.

HAH! .. I giggled to myself. There are hundreds of agents at these airlines. I will just call back and talk to another agent. I did just that.  Sir you Sir just spoke with ME and I told you Sir that we will not do this change. You Sir must call Orbitz. Lord God what are the odds of me getting the same agent.

I went on-line and found on-line that I had to telephone Orbitz directly. So I called Orbitz and waited a long time. The recorded message said that in general to change a ticket could cost over $200 US Dollars. I finally got an agent. An agent in the Philippines. We had a little CHIT-CHAT about my friends above. What do you want to do Sir? Change this to December 29th. Done deal Sir. It will cost you $30 US Dollars. Put it on your AMX card Sir? Yes.

OK. Time and time alone will decide whether I stay in Hong Kong or go on to India. With two weeks now available for me to explore finding an apartment to rent monthly here in Hong Kong I sure will see about God’s Will won’t I.

(Nonsense Captain. This is all nonsense Captain! WHAT? Are you still here Gullible?)

WELL THAT IS THAT! For the first time ever in my 24 years of coming to Hong Kong because of all the moving around that I have been doing I now KNOW HOW to find places to stay in relatively inexpensively.


Now I’ll go to St. Teresa’s Hospital and look into getting some opinions and possible treatment(s) for my ankles. Frankly I don’t want to go to India in the condition I am now in. My chiropractor and my acupuncture practitioner here are both doing what they can but I am ready for a medical doctor to take a look-see.

This is the main reason that I feel a bit of God Direction to stay put.  “What’s that God?”.. “What about the phenomenal meetings here and the Singapore Rice Noodles and the Star Ferries and the buses and and and ..” .. “Yes they are all NIFTY God .. No debate on any of this!”

Wïth DISCERNMENT I see NO reason not to stay a few weeks longer.

Oh Come On Captain ..

DSCN8192[1]How Could You Possibly Leave ..


Now That You Have ..


Your Very Own ..


Chinese Laundry Service!


Over And Out For Now with MANY Smiles .. Cap.. 29 days here in Hong Kong and counting!

Was it God’s Will for me to write all of the above .. Maybe .. who knows for sure. I don’t! Maybe it will in some way empower someone else to look into themselves and their relationship with God. With DISCERNMENT I find no reason to fault myself for sharing the above with anyone who chooses to read along with me.

You could have just said that you were staying until December the 29th ..

6 thoughts on “DEC 11, 14 .. WHAT IS GOD’S WILL ..

  1. Shaddy

    I’m so glad you didn’t just write that you are staying in Hong Kong until December 29th. I enjoyed meeting the three travelers from the Philippines and everything else in this blog post. I hope your medical issues can be resolved so as not to hamper your time in Hong Kong and India.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm regarding your faith and your travel experiences. I often feel like you do, brimming with good vibes.

    Til next time,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I sure can tell that you too feel the energy within yourself just exploding within you to be released in creative endeavors. Cheerio .. Cap ..

  2. zilla

    Thursday, Dec 11, 2014 – noon GDT

    Cap, like you say, “when you’re hot, you’re hot”! As you know your way around the airlines, the “agents” to change your travel arrangements, keep a good thing going! Why not rent a place and get good medical treatment in Hong Kong rather than facing a maybe not so good time in India walking around and traveling like you do on foot and be uncomfortable, or in a state where your vacation turns to an unpleasant situation when you can’t travel without pain! I “assume” you may have some “arthritic” pain in the ankles?

    As you have spent many years and traveled so many miles in India, why not spent some quality time in lovely Hong Kong and enjoy so many more meals of Singapore noodles which you so love and enjoy! Keep smiling and happy travels, travel safe wherever you decide to go!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Great and solid and sound advice my friend. I am working on staying here in Hong Kong but it is tricky and takes some time. I have three people on my team looking into finding me a monthly rental apartment. Thanks for your support. Smiles .. Cap ..

  3. Gullible

    This post wore me out!!! Didn’t know you were having trouble with your ankles. I’m with Zilla. Stay in Hong Kong and get some treatment if it’s available. If they start talking replacements, better get back to UCSF.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I KNOW-ALL-TO-WELL my beloved India. This is why I am staying put here. St. Teresa’s hospital is a known entity to me back from May of 2008. To put it simply : I may be dumb but I am not stupid. IF I roll the dice it is in Hong Kong not India. Thanks .. Cap .. I AM STUNNED YOU READ A GOD POST .. smiles ..

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