Was it Robert Ripley who used the term .. Believe It Or Not .. Something along the lines of The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.

So in this vein .. you can .. BELIEVE IT OR NOT .. as to where I end up in this Post ..

In my previous Post .. JAN 9, 15 .. GOD .. SPIRITUALITY .. CARDBOARD .. I ended up concluding that some power far FAR greater than myself .. SEEMED to be satisfied with my gratitude over finding some junk cardboard In-The-Trash.  I was happy with the junk Coca Cola carton. Then as I found more and more even better and better cardboard .. I kept thanking God and The Universe for finding more and ever more really good cardboard. This phenomenon seemed to feed-upon-itself. The happier I got .. The more I gave thanks .. The more I expressed my gratitude still more and increasingly better cardboard showed up before me.

WAS SOMETHING HAPPENING HERE I mused in my previous Post?

In this Post .. I PUT IT (My Wish For Something) OUT THERE simply by saying aloud to myself .. “I have got to do something about my eating.” So what I will end up discussing and pondering is simply this : LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I asked for some assistance!

I will plant a small seed here. Can any of you relate to this? It seems to me like almost everything we purchase (perhaps with the exception of food and liquids) is Made In China!


To begin with I am eating a lot of Instant Noodles .. two meals a day .. breakfast always and then another meal most days ..


I forgot! .. I am eating a lot of my Instant Noodles AND .. (Chinese) Peanut Butter ..


Into my food mix I toss in some of ‘Zilla’s low-blood-sugar Snickers ‘Food Bars’. It seems since I began to get-into the Snickers Bars my blood-sugar crashes have increased in frequency!


I most certainly eat A LOT of Singapore Rice Noodles .. five times a week .. give or take ..




From time to time .. on an irregular basis .. I do eat some meals that approach being healthy  ..




Some meals that I have been eating are good and tasty and YES I do enjoy them .. but I come away from them thinking that maybe they are kind-of-marginal as to being healthy.

The first meal below was so HOT and SPICY that it caused me to break out in a SWEAT before I even tasted it ! After I survived it ..it was WONDERFUL! .. I wondered IF it was good for me health wise.


GOOD! YES! .. YUMMY! YES! .. FUN! OH YES INDEED! .. But healthy? .. Humm-m-m I am not so sure about healthy.


I eat some food that .. although again it tastes good and I do enjoy it immensely .. it is somewhat MARGINAL as to being healthy!





Oops sorry ‘Zilla .. these just slipped back in here on me .. I know they are very critical to you and to your diabetes ..


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now I get to some ‘very interesting’ happenings that HAPPENED ONLY AFTER I put it out to God and to The Universe by simply saying aloud to myself ..”I have got to do something about my eating.” In contrast to the cardboard .. I SOUGHT some answers to my food situation.

I will start with a resounding .. “WHOA DENNIS (my Pharmacist) what do I see up there behind you!” .. “Odd I never saw THAT before.”


“Dennis I have been thinking that I have got to do something about my eating.” ..  “How ODD that I never saw THAT before.” .. “Dial me down one can my friend. This is a wonderful product. Hum-m-m-m an answer to a prayer? Hum-m-m-m!”

It is absolutely AMAZING HOW nice a helping of cold freshly prepared Vanilla Ensure sits-upon-my-stomach as I go to bed at night. It not only seems healthy .. it is HEALTHY!


WHAT You have got to be kidding meI have been SO HUNGRY for some good roughage and this will do the trick! Where on this good earth has this been all this time? How ODD that suddenly I find this treasure! Hum-m-m-m .. An answer to prayer! Micro-Wave Pop Corn .. Just what I needed ..


I AM NOT BELIEVING THIS Yes I have some issues and YES this should do-the-trick.


PATTI are you following along here? Be sitting when you read this. You .. like me .. will be absolutely AMAZED when you see the next thing that God or The Universe just delivered-up-to-me!

In the U.S. we have a major discount food and merchandise chain called COSTCO.

COSTCO has a line of their own store-brand items that COSTCO sells under the name of KIRKLAND.

Got this Sports Fans! If you see a product carrying the name of KIRKLAND it is a COSTCO product.

In the U.S. we have a small sector of very FAR out thinkers that KNOW as a TRUTH the following .. COSTCO is an acronym .. that stands for ..

Chinese Over Seas Trading COmpany ..



So I am out and I am about .. shopping and exploring .. and into a non-descript small no-name market I wander .. and ..










There was a Pallet of these beauties! I just heard Patti SQUEEL !  Eighteen ($18) U.S. Dollars a bag! I’d have killed for these I love them so much!





I could NOT have wished for a more healthy snack than almonds!

AND? I am INTO them!



I have NO clue! THIS I BELIEVE .. “God is NOT some cosmic Butler that delivers stuff to us!” When we pray we pray for God’s Will in our lives. We do NOT PRAY FOR THINGS!


I did NOT PRAY for anything. I merely said aloud to myself .. “I have got to do something about my eating?”


This is my story and I am sticking to it!


6 thoughts on “JAN 13, 15 .. GOD .. SPIRITUALITY .. EATING

  1. Patti

    Ah, you made me chuckle and smile again! … and of course you saved the best for last, the great finale … Kirkland (Costco brand) almonds available in a small store in Hong Kong!!! Truly amazing…what next? I can hardly wait!! Smiles and more chuckles, and always, love. Patti

  2. Shaddy Peters

    Ask and you shall receive. I’m glad you’ve found some foods and supplements that you enjoy and that are also nutritious. Being regular is important so “Cheers” to the Metamusil!! I always take some of that along when we go on vacation.

    Following in my mother’s example, I try quite hard to eat healthy. At this point in my life, I am slipping a bit. I have given in to some of the yummy foods that Lon likes. Mostly, I eat pretty healthy foods.

    I used to be so anal about eating right and exercising that I didn’t enjoy life as much as I do now. I’m learning about “moderation.”

    Take care and keep looking out for yourself,

    I’m anxious to hear more from Gully.

    1. Cap

      Me too with regards to Gullible .. It is not like her to be so quiet .. but you can see on FaceBook she is doing O.K. correct? Thanks for the comments on the food. At home I am nutso about my eating .. I can NOT be so rigorous here in Hong Kong and on the road traveling so to speak. The Ensure is an absolute winner. So too are the COSTCO almonds. The popcorn is a double duty item .. fun and enjoyable and good roughage. At home I use Miralax and it is NOT available here so the Metamucil is my only choice. Smiles and Thanks for following along with me on this adventure ..

      1. Shaddy Peters

        I haven’t read or seen anything of Gully’s on FB since the pictures she posted there a few days ago. They were the same ones she put on her blog.

        Do you like yogurt? It’s a nutritious food.


  3. tom

    Cap, hi, having spot of phone trouble, hope to be up tommorow/ Fri. Jan. 16 or if I need to buy new ph. be up by Sat.Jan. 17th. posting this from R.O. public library. thank God John ( my son) is on the mend, he was discharged from R.O. Beaumont Hospital this afternoon approx. 3 pm.He will have a lengthy recuperation, but should ultimately be 100 %, eventually. Other than that, all is ok, I am making coffee this Sunday @ the Meeting in the Park at our winter quarters Star Presbt. Church. also 2pm -6pm this Monday 1/19/2015 , I will be manning the Ferndale phone while the regulars enjoy the MLK holiday. I will speak to you soon, as soon as I have my cell phone back up I will contact Patti.Have fun and be safe, hello to all my fellow friends of Bill W. in Hong Kong and neighboring cities! your friend Tom (Tiger) Engel

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