I continue to refer back from time to time here on my website to the 1989 movie .. Field of Dreams .. in which an Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice in his head saying to him .. “If you build it (a baseball field in his corn field) .. he (Shoeless Joe Jackson) will come.”  I substitute the word they for he. Acting on faith and on faith alone .. Ray Kinsella plows under his corn and builds a baseball field AND indeed the old time baseball players come to his baseball field. It is really a great and a touching movie.

This is germane to me because often I wonder .. “What on earth am I going to Post next here.” So with FAITH that something will happen .. I step off into cyber space and I just begin.

This evening I am going to attend my fourth viewing of The Phantom of the Opera here in Hong Kong.  Sunday The Phantom finishes its run in Hong Kong and will close with a final performance at 6PM and I have a ticket for this .. the final .. performance.


So I came here to my HOMY INN in Kowloon to check my e-mail and do some other catching up I wanted to do here on the internet.

If you build it .. If you begin a Post .. They will come .. A Post will happen ..

On the way here a very special event happened to me .. I will share that event now ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Visualize a standard full sized .. square .. plastic .. container of Kitty Litter.  These weigh about forty (40) U.S. pounds and I mean-to-tell you they are HEAVY. It is NOT the Kitty Litter I want you to focus upon .. it is the feel of FORTY pounds of weight.

Now visualize a small somewhat elderly Chinese lady .. probably all of Five Feet Two Inches (5′ – 2″) in height and IF she weighed more than a hundred and ten (110) pounds I would be amazed.

I am running to get onto the MTR and catch a train from Sheung Wan (Shen Wan) to Central and then catch a train from Central on the Tsuen (Choong) Wan Line to Tsim Sha Tsui to come here to the HOMY INN.

There are many accidents on the escalators in the MTR and almost always they involve elderly passengers who fall forward or who fall backwards on an escalator.

The stage is now set.

I come upon the jumping-off-point where one actually steps onto the moving escalator steps. Directly in front of me is this smallish lady .. carrying one large bag around her neck and wrestling with two other large bags .. one in each hand .. attempting to get herself and her three large bags onto the downward moving escalator. I think to myself .. “Oh Oh I see trouble ahead.”

So I dart up to her left side .. grab (I mean I took it from her!) one bag from her left hand and stabilized the two of us by squeezing past her and then standing in front of her. Sports Fans we are on a moving escalator and I mean it is MOVING DOWN. Somehow we get to the bottom and get off safely and in one piece.

She is gracious and smiling and thanking me profusely in Chinese. I say “Central?” .. meaning is she going to the Central Station .. she nods in the affirmative. So I take away from her the second large bag and I was ASTOUNDED at how heavy these two bags were. I would guess about thirty (30) U.S. pounds each. She protested but towering above her and weighing a lot more than her coupled with the intensity that I bring-to-the-table she soon gave-it-up (her protesting that she could do it) and off we went.

Into Central we rolled. Off we got. I say .. “Tsuen (Choong) Wan Line?” .. she nods in the affirmative. We have this second short discussion about her being able to haul these three bags to the next train .. she loses .. and off we trudge. This connection is ONE LONG WALK and I swear to the Good Lord it was all that I could do to lug the two bags that I took from her.  I did allow her (you know .. GRACE .. saving face is big in Asia!) to carry for me my umbrella! It pleased her greatly to ASSIST ME by carrying my umbrella!

Down another escalator we rode. Onto the Tsuen (Choong) Wan train we boarded and off we all rolled. The people here in Hong Kong are .. in general .. so IMMENSELY POLITE AND COURTEOUS

We boarded a PACKED coach. Do you want FAITH? It takes FAITH to muster up your courage to the point where you minimize yourself to one-half your size and actually get aboard!


I mean IS THIS THE ‘BIGS’ OR WHAT! IF you can make it here in Hong Kong you can make it anywhere! In both photos do you see how long and how far the passengers go?


INSTANTLY! UP POPPED a lady gesturing to my associate to sit down. I got my lady settled and UP POPPED a young man on the opposite side of the car motioning for to me to sit down in his seat. I have to realize these people look at me like I am an  OLD man.

I thought to myself ..


To this moment I do not know .. To this moment I do not understand .. HOW I GOT A PHOTO or two!


She is short enough her (Blue tops and White bottoms) tennis shoes on the upper left did not reach the floor. MY two bags are above. LARGE AND BULKY AND OH MY GOODNESS were they each HEAVY!

AND HERE SHE IS! .. ONE HAPPY CAMPERDo you all see HER large bag on her lap!


To get the above photo I had to .. by pointing and by some NUDGING.. make it clear .. see the crowd on the train three photos above .. that I wanted a photo of her. THEN MAGICThe passengers all HALF SIZED and made room for more photos.


Ah MY! What a precious little lady! So grateful .. So happy .. Truly .. I AM SO BLESSED!


“Not bad my little Captain!” ..

“Thank You Oh God of Abraham!” ..


I will rest my case. I have to get back to Sheung Wan .. get myself together .. catch a train to THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ..


Cap ..

FAITH is having the courage to press Publish ..

8 thoughts on “JAN 15, 15 .. FAITH .. IF YOU BUILD IT .. THEY WILL COME ..

  1. Patti

    What a precious post … so tender, so compassionate … her smile while you were taking her pictures made it all worthwhile! Cap does good…and feels good yet again! Sweet life!! I love you. Patti

    1. Cap

      Danny .. Danny .. Danny .. YOU DANNY go back with me to my very first trip to India in October of 1990 .. SO NICE TO HAVE YOU FOLLOWING ALONG HERE all of these 24 some years Danny .. Smiles .. Cap ..

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