I just wrote in LATEST NEWS that I AM LOVING .. being OUT OF CALCUTTA AND BEING HERE in Agra Cantt .. as I said a day or so ago.. it is like leaving downtown Los Angeles (the Watts District) and going to York, Nebraska, what a difference ..

I ALSO HAVE POSTED .. in LATEST NEWS .. a mailing address  for me here .. I repeat this on the chance some of you skip past LATEST NEWS..

Cap Chastain.. in c/o Jeevan Lal.. Sunder Lall & Sons.. Nr. 12, Taj Road.. Sadar Bazar..  AGRA CANTT  282 001..  INDIA..


IF THE RUN MUST DIE.. let it die trying to steal home and NOT just standing on Third Base..

ONE WHO TRIES AND FAILS .. is far ahead of the one who does not even try ..

I say these things because the mail here can be a challenge..

I SUGGEST ..  a post card ..

I DISCOURAGE .. any envelope mail ..

I would love to get some mail..

Today I spent a lot of time sitting with Jeevan Lal.. in his small luggage shop .. just visiting with Jeevan and also doing a lot of sewing on my trousers ..

I have been sleeping and napping A LOT  .. perhaps as much as ten (10) hours a day (sleeping and napping combined) .. the stress of Calcutta.. and the bone chilling danger of Calcutta have taken a toll on me for sure..

I have mentioned several times the poor water quality here in Agra Cantt.. Calcutta’s water quality for washing clothing was FAR better ..

I also mentioned the cell phone issue and not being told all the facts right up front..

To that list I will ADD THE SOAP COMPANIES ..

They have the chemists with the knowledge to produce laundry detergent that makes you think your clothes were filthy ..

I put perfectly clean clothes into my washing bucket .. just a tad sweaty .. and the soapy water turns almost black ..

Surely MY CLOTHES can not be that dirty ..

said and written with a smile and a wink ..

Well I feel fortunate to get this written and hopefully published.. we have been having some issues with the site ..

much joy and much love.. cap in the shadow of the TAJ MAHAL ..